You Asked: Why Do People Self-Harm?

I remember the first time I heard about cutting. I was in 5th grade and some kid was singing a song he’d found on YouTube. “I must be emo,” was the chorus. I was young, dumb and eager to fit in. So, I sang along. When people made emo jokes, I repeated them. When people … Continued

On Defeating Isolation

Major Depressive Disorder is experienced by each sufferer in a unique way. Yet, within this personal experience, there’s a commonality that allows us to share with each other knowing that we each “get it”. In my case, the melancholic mood was accompanied by guilt and shame that had me questioning my worthiness. I avoided friends … Continued

Functional Anxiety

If dysthymia is persistent mild depression, is there a clinical term for persistent mild anxiety? There should be. I’ve been feeling a chronic, mild state of anxiety for so long. I’m going to call it functional anxiety. I have established a “baseline” anxiety and “baseline” depression level. I hate that they are both there daily, but … Continued

Choosing Happy

The season of #BellLetsTalk is a great time to talk about reaching out for help with our mental health struggles, and supporting one another by listening and being a friend. It’s a mark of great courage to trust someone else enough to be that vulnerable, and I certainly respect that. I have found it’s quite … Continued

How To Prepare For A Doctor’s Appointment

My last doctor’s visit for my “How are you doing?” and “How is your medication working?” appointment ended the same way as the previous visits. Me leaving the office feeling that nothing was accomplished. The same concerns brought up with similar results as the times before. Me going home and feeling that I was at a … Continued

My Invisible Illness Was Visible

*Trigger warning: Talk of self-harm* The Mighty released an article about makeup artist Yasaman Gheidi, who is using makeup to visually represent mental health experiences. Gheidi is calling it the “Inside Out Challenge”. Mental health issues are known as “invisible illnesses.” Gheidi wants to make what is invisible, visible. The support for the challenge is large, … Continued

A Guide to Heading to the ER for Suicidal Thoughts

They always tell you it’s an option, yet most of us don’t even think about it. When it comes down to suicidal ideation, you have a few options: wait it out, do it, or make your way to the emergency room to stay safe. Yet, this idea is terrifying. How do you make your way … Continued


I’m in the midst of a depressive episode. Self-assessments using the Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ-9) have consistently scored 20 or more for each of the last seven weeks. According to the interpretation guide for PHQ-9, this equates to my having a severe depressive episode that requires monitoring, medication and psychotherapy. The good news is that my PHQ-9 … Continued

Talking About Bell Let’s Talk

When you feel “different”, and have difficulty “fitting in”, attending social events where you know few people is difficult. You hate being left alone even for a moment, because you are unable to start a simple conversation with another person. With depression and anxiety, socializing is difficult in general, because you don’t know what to … Continued

What Depression Looks Like on Me

There are days I wish mental illness presented like any other physical illness in that its effects could be seen, validated, and hopefully understood by other people, because living with an invisible illness can be an exhausting experience, particularly for people whose depression and anxiety symptoms fall outside of how we often categorize “mentally ill” … Continued

Spirituality and Well-Being

The preamble to the Constitution of the World Health Organization (WHO) defined health as a state of “physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” However, in the paper entitled “Spirituality in the Definition of Health The World Health Organization’s Point of View”, M.H. Khayat writes that “there was a general … Continued

Haley’s Comet

After a couple week hiatus, the holiday season and a new year, I’m back with a new blog post. I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays – I know an abundance of family and friend time can be more stressful than it is enjoyable for some. As for me, I just came back from a long … Continued

Everyone has a story. Everyone.

I sat for a while on Sunday and thought back upon the year that just ended. I admit I am glad to see it gone for the most part. I learned yet a few more life lessons. Most the hard way as per usual; these are the lessons I take away the most from. I … Continued

Five Ways to Introduce Gratitude into your Life

During the holiday season, there tends to be an emphasis on shopping, consumerism and, well, just plain “stuff”. We ask our family for “wish lists”, thereby encouraging our loved ones to prioritize their wants in order of importance. We get so caught up in trends and the culture of spending that sometimes we forget to … Continued

Being the best BPD Mom regardless of the stereotype

*Trigger Warning: Certain links may take you to unsupportive places. They are linked specifically to show you that they are real. Read at your own risk.* I always knew I wanted to have children. Having a mental health issue made people doubt my ability to be a mom. Having a diagnosis of borderline personality disorder (BPD) … Continued

You Asked: How Can I Help My Child with their Depression?

I’m guessing if you came across this post from a Google search, you’re trying to find a solution or gain knowledge. Maybe you’ve been blaming yourself or avoiding your child because this is all new and troubling. Don’t fear. You looking this up is a good sign; you want to do something. Neglecting your child’s … Continued

On Sleep Hygiene

In my recent posts, I’ve shared with you the dangers of obstructive sleep apnea and its role in my depressive episodes, and shared with you my thoughts on the importance of proper sleep. Today I will conclude this series by talking about sleep hygiene. The National Sleep Foundation tells us that sleep hygiene is the … Continued

The Non-Resolution Resolution

I’m writing this on New Year’s Day. The day where people usually want to put their resolutions in place. A fresh start after what most people feel was a bad year (according to an Ipsos poll) for a variety of reasons, including health or personal reasons. I’ve already written about why I hate the holidays … Continued

You are perfect how you are in this moment

A popular picture “pinned” by others on my Pinterest account reads, Note to self, I am doing the best that I can with what I have in this moment. And that is all I can expect from anyone, including me. After getting over my initial annoyance that I was getting the same notification day after day, … Continued

Lessons from my Depression

I’m not going to pretend that life with depression is a walk in the park with the occasional drizzle. Depression is overwhelming. It starts small then slowly takes over your whole life. It affects the relationships you have and makes you lose parts of yourself – the ones who had interests and felt joy and … Continued