We cannot pick and choose: BPD moms deserve support

I’m a busy mom to an almost 6-month-old boy. I admit I have not been keeping up with my own personal mental health blog. In my last post, I reached out to the borderline personality disorder (BPD) Mom community and shared my intentions of creating a program for moms with BPD to be confident and … Continued

Time Changes Everything

Yesterday was a good day – good enough that I decided to crack open my barely used journal and write about it. It’s funny because a week ago, I was experiencing the absolute worst day of my life. A bad day turned into a huge fight with my parents which led to another mental breakdown. … Continued

On Psychotropics

I take three psychotropic medications. This is my choice, taken in full knowledge of the potential side effects (I read the information provided by my pharmacy and the information available on drugs.com). Your opinion may differ, and that’s okay. Your experience may differ, and that’s okay too. What I do know is that they work … Continued

How to Practice Compassion

I’ve written before about how powerful and overwhelming thoughts can be. When you are feeling anxious or feeling depressed, or a combination of both, you have thoughts that are hard to process and thoughts that lead to further feelings of distress. These thoughts are real to you and are important as part of your mental health … Continued

The Perks of Depression

Generally speaking, mental illness is not something people are thrilled to identify with or experience. I can’t say I’m often jazzed about the chronic fatigue, self-doubt, and the emotional imbalance that accompany my illness. Things I could live without, am I right? However, a life without depression would not be life as I know it. … Continued

The Real Me

Despite progress made toward eradicating the stigma around mental health and mental illness, for persons with lived experience, choosing whether or not to disclose remains an important and difficult decision. After careful consideration of the pros and cons, I decided to disclose my mental illness in September 2015 through Toddcast Season 1 Episode 2 and … Continued

I Am Not Ready

I recently decided to attempt to go back to the world of dating. Let me just say that it was short lived. I am not exactly sure what spurred the sudden onset of the thought of dating again. I thought I was ready. I was oh so wrong. I have spent the last 4 1/2 years … Continued

“You can’t do that!”

I never thought my mental health issues should hold me back. Everyone else did. In the beginning, I did let it get to me. I already had the “I can’t do anything”  mentality, so if others thought it too, then it must be true. When I was 17 years old, I realized that listening to … Continued

On Celebrating Success

I truly believe that when it comes to your mental health, every success is important. They all matter. They matter because your illness denies their existence, hides them from you, all the while ramping up the effort to destroy your self esteem. They matter because your illness will take every seeming failure and magnify it … Continued

A Shift In Perspective

Your thoughts are powerful and you can convince yourself of many things. You can convince yourself you are capable and smart, or you can convince yourself you are worthless and useless. It all depends on your state of mind, and what you want to believe. Over the past few days, I felt brighter, and less … Continued

I have, I do, I am enough.

Tell me I’m not the only one who is their own toughest critic. I’m confident that I am in good company, because most of us are mercilessly hard on ourselves in one way or another. Maybe we feel guilty for not being more productive at work, or beat ourselves up when we blow our budget … Continued

I didn’t know I was bullied

When I little, bullying was when someone beat you up. I saw it frequently in movies. The bully pushes kids into lockers and takes their lunch money. The bully gives kids swirlies and calls them names. Bullying was very physical. Attacking someone strictly emotionally and psychologically was “kids being kids”. It was getting “picked on”. I … Continued

What I Wish People Knew About My Depression

I easily remember growing up with this idea that with mental health, you were either crazy or sane. Being mentally ill meant you were unable to function in our society and had to be shipped off to a psychiatric ward. Then, I educated myself, realized I suffered from depression and started treatment. However, not everyone … Continued

Early Recovery Successes

The month of September, 2014, found me in a very dark place. My world had been reduced to that of my mind, and my mind was ill. My thinking was extremely irrational. I was without hope. My world was stark, it was black and it was filled with pain. In an effort to end the … Continued

Be Relentlessly You

I am admittedly not a sports fan, but I did watch the Super Bowl last week, including the fantastic performance Lady Gaga put on. She performed a variety of her songs, including “Born This Way”, which has lyrics that I know resonate with many people, because of the message. Predictably, Internet trolls and people who had … Continued

Eating Disorders As Coping Mechanisms

For me, there is no talking about mental health without talking about body image. I remember feeling the pervasive desire for thinness, the necessity of dieting, and seeing food as either “bad” or “good” from as young as 6 years old. Blame fat-free food marketing of the 90s, or blame my vast collection of Barbie … Continued


I had the pleasure of collaborating with the Future Leaders of Ontario, an interdepartmental network of federal public service employees from across Ontario, committed to supporting professional development and growth. The end result is part of the #MinuteMentoring series and a product that I am very proud of, the #NeverGiveUp video. The video begins with a … Continued

My Life With Bipolar 1

I will start off with words I found very popular on Bell Let’s Talk Day – It’s okay to not be okay. I can say that the last few weeks have been a steadfast reminder of just that. So much so that I even had to verbally say the words “I am not okay right … Continued

I’m not recovered. I manage.

When I was in my early 20s I proudly said to a friend, “I think I’ve recovered from depression.” After many dark years involving self-harm, alcohol abuse, thoughts of killing myself and one attempt, I had emerged happy and healthy. I was in a long-term relationship, involved in mental health activism and spent more time … Continued

You Asked: Why Do People Self-Harm?

I remember the first time I heard about cutting. I was in 5th grade and some kid was singing a song he’d found on YouTube. “I must be emo,” was the chorus. I was young, dumb and eager to fit in. So, I sang along. When people made emo jokes, I repeated them. When people … Continued