Interested in becoming a contributor to HMC’s blog? We’re looking for volunteer bloggers to share their experiences with mental health. If you have a mental illness or a loved one with a mental illness, help us combat mental health stigma and build empathy by sharing your journey with the world.

The topics you choose are completely up to you – you can talk about your experience with mental illness itself (positively or negatively), or share your thoughts on a broader topic from a mental health standpoint, such as a current event.

As an HMC blogger, you will have the opportunity to connect with a community of people who care about mental health awareness, and hopefully create awareness and educate others yourself.

For examples, check out pieces by our current bloggers.

Bloggers will post entries to our Supportive Minds blog every other week for a 4-month period*, from the beginning of August 2016 through to the end of November 2016.

If you’re interested in this position, send a writing sample (preferably another blog) and a little bit about yourself to Make sure to include what your experience with mental illness has been like (ex. personal diagnoses, experience with a loved one) and what you would like to focus on writing about. 

A strong online presence (including social media, Twitter especially) and willingness to promote your own posts via those channels is an asset. 

Please note that this is a volunteer, unpaid position. We appreciate all submissions and thank all applicants for their interest, however only a few writers will be contacted as spaces fill up quickly.

Deadline is July 25th.


*Wait, I thought your blogging terms were 6 months!

They were, but we changed them because we’ve found that most writers drop off the grid around the 3-4 month mark. They get busy, they run out of ideas, they take on other commitments, etc. Obviously we want to have a blog going up every day, and our readers are eager for content, so that’s not good for anyone! We hope that by shortening the term and rotating bloggers more frequently this will decrease these instances.

But what if I’m not one of those people and I want to keep writing?

If you’re interested in continuing to write for us, you can ask and we’ll let you know. In addition, if we really like your work we may ask you to stay on for another term. This is not a guarantee, but we want you to know that if your work is consistently excellent and you adhere to the posting schedule and guidelines, that is an opportunity.