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Healthy Minds Canada has partnered with CBC Filmmaker Bryce Sage to create an innovative new web series designed to educate on a variety of different mental health topics.

Bryce Sage thinks wonder might be the cure to his depression. To find out, he’s exploring and demystifying the science of mental health in a documentary web-series that asks the questions many of us have but don’t know how to ask. Armed with his curiosity, Bryce tracks down leading experts, in genetics, psychology and evolutionary biology to decipher the symptoms and causes of depression and anxiety – disorders that affect at least one in five Canadians. Along the way, he becomes a human guinea pig to understand how and why various treatments work. 1001 Ways to Wonder offers an authentic and irreverent entry point to an often marginalized subject, similar in tone to Bryce’s documentaries for CBC’s The Nature of Things, but told in 5-minute web segments.

1001 Ways to Wonder has development financing from TELUS Fund, which supports exceptional content designed to educate Canadians about Health & Wellness. The series features expert interviews with scientists from CAMH, McMaster, Western and Ryerson University. Bryce will also collaborate with influential personalities, mental health organizations and relevant brands for content sharing or cross-promotion.

Watch the trailer:

Check out the first few episodes on the 1001 Ways to Wonder Youtube channel.