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HMC Transparent

Charitable Number: BN 11883 5420 RR0001

Healthy Minds Canada (HMC) is a national charity in the mental health and addictions space with a mission to empower Canadians to take charge of their mental health by helping them identify issues early and navigating them to resources to achieve healthy outcomes faster.  Since 1980, HMC has funded 400 research projects at 42 universities and teaching hospitals across Canada.  HMC has reached over a hundred thousand people through knowledge transfer initiatives such as workshops, symposia, conferences, printed and online resources and hundreds of thousands more through social media.

In partnership with Mensante, we are proud to offer FeelingBetterNow®, an online comprehensive mental healthcare program designed to engage individuals, help them identify issues early, provide immediate personalized action plans, and access a robust tool box for self-management and best practice outcomes.

Our programs include: Taking Charge, a full day conference designed to empower people to own their mental health recovery and assist those who care for them; Lunch & Learns, a series of free community discussions on a variety of mental illness and addictions; ACT! an activity based program for youth; Bend & Unwind, a youth Yoga and Mindfulness program, and Difficult Conversations – a specialized workplace mental health workshop.

HMC’s three-volume handbook series” When Something’s Wrong” is designed to assist teachers, families, and employers in identifying and managing mental health and addictions issues within their respective environments. We have adapted the content from the “Ideas for Families” version as the base for supportiveminds.ca, our new online tool for parents.

Other initiatives include partnership on an app to instill empathy and mindfulness about all areas of mental wellness, partnership on an ambitious YouTube video series by filmmaker Bryce Sage called “1001 Ways to Wonder” that explores the science behind mental illness and addictions in a fun way, integration of software that allows people to find and access more customized treatment options faster, and the development of a digital recovery app.