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The biggest struggle for many anxiety sufferers is what I call the “What If” Syndrome. They always assume the worst of themselves and situations. They are always thinking about “what if” something is wrong. I am sure you have experienced this yourself. Here are a few examples of the most common “what ifs” that many anxiety sufferers struggle with.

What if I have a serious physical or mental illness?

What if I go mad or lose control?

What if I can’t breathe?

What if there is a serious illness that my doctor is missing?

What if my anxiety is a sign of a serious mental illness or disease?

What if I am never able to regain my normal life and health?

What if I am not able to recover from this?

Every anxiety sufferer out there has struggled with at least one of these “ifs” if not all of them. There are so many of these “what ifs” that I could write a whole book about them. I personally experienced many of these “what ifs” during my suffering days. My doctor told me several times that I was okay, but I wouldn’t believe him. I kept thinking, “what if he is missing something?” I would analyze every symptom thinking it was something serious. But in the end it all was nothing. These “what ifs” are your anxious mind playing tricks on you.

When you have anxiety, your mind tries to come up with possible explanations of why you are feeling the way you feel. It gives you all sorts of scenarios–maybe it’s cancer, a tumor or mental illness. But when you understand that these “what ifs” are nothing, but symptoms of anxiety, there would be no need to be afraid of them.

About Tawanda Chirenda

Tawanda Chirenda is an anxiety-transformation and resilience-building coach, speaker and founder of The Willing Student Method, a program that helps individuals overcome anxiety, build resilience and live a happier, more purpose-filled life as a result. Although Tawanda is now a resilience-building coach, he came to it the long, hard way, through many years of struggling with anxiety, failure, and helplessness. At the age of 25, Tawanda was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder that drastically affected his normal functioning and everyday life. Through a willingness to learn, grow and change, Tawanda was able to successfully recover from this condition and regain his healthy and productive life. Tawanda has been fully recovered for more than 7 years now and he is a much stronger person than before. You can connect with Tawanda on Twitter and Facebook or visit his website, www.thewillingstudent.com, to learn more about his work.

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