FeelingBetterNow is a confidential, comprehensive mental health assessment tool and resource toolbox. Anonymously complete an assessment in 5 – 20 minutes and receive evidence-based resources for self-management and support for 13 common mental health problems.
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Logit AI

Logit AI is an Intelligent Health platform that decodes how daily life impacts the body and how behaviors lead to overall health and wellness. Using scientifically validated questionnaires, wearables, and other life data, the platform analyzes and interprets this information to accurately forecast precursors to injury, illness, burnout and other ailments such as depression and anxiety.

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There For You

There for You is a quiz game encouraging you to ask those important questions you’re never sure how or when to raise. It is a simple social experiment, a fun way to break away from everyday conversations and engage in mindful conversations with the people we love. Some of the questions featured in the A.I.-powered app are for deepening bonds, others are designed to help deal with specific mental health issues, such as stress, depression, and low self-esteem.