Becoming Aware

I didn’t fully understand all that went on during childhood, until I moved out and started college. While at home, I had thought my parents yelling and fighting, the physical abuse was how every family was.  I tried talking to a counsellor in high school and I don’t think they took me seriously.  I feel … Continued

Rebuilding Myself

On October 11, 2017, it would have been 12 years of marriage. For 10 years I was in an extremely toxic marriage with someone who was narcissistic, controlling and would gaslight. My boyfriend and I went for lunch and we overheard a loud conversation a couple, with 3 young children, were having.  It reminded me … Continued

Living with OCD

This week is International OCD Awareness Week, October 8-14th, 2017.  I feel awareness should be every day, not just one time, as this is an ongoing issue for many people. Most people relate OCD, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, to excessive hand washing or constant flipping of the light switch.  I have come to realize there is … Continued

What Depression Feels Like

I had something occur to me the other day.  An article came up on my Facebook timeline; differences between being depressed and sad.  It reminded me of everything I had gone through within the last 10 years or so. I was married for 10 years.  Marriage is supposed to be happy and loving; mine was … Continued

Explaining Mental Illness to Children

Children of all ages are naturally curious and constantly asking questions.  We, as adults, need to be attentive and take the time to listen.  The generation now is exposed to the awareness of mental illness, more than previous generations. It’s our responsibility to help educate our children about the world around them. When I was … Continued

It’s Hard to Talk About – Suicide

Suicide is a very personal, debatable and emotional topic for everyone.  It can affect anyone; you, me, celebrities, family and friends. Suicide Prevention Awareness Day is approaching on September 10 2017 but it needs to be discussed on a daily basis, more now than ever. I have first hand experience with suicide through my father, … Continued