Trauma, The Hidden Epidemic?

The wound is the place where the light enters you.  – Rumi   How profound. Of course, I did not always see it that way. My early years did not seem to be filled with much light or hope at all. I was abused, abandoned and neglected as a child by people who were supposed … Continued

About Mark Hall

Mark is a Peer Support Worker for a mental health agency in Welland, Ontario. He also runs peer groups on Depression and Anxiety and Anger Management and works part-time at a homeless drop-in center. He is also on the board of directors for a new agency that works as ambassadors for people with mental health issues. He is diagnosed with schizo-affective disorder, borderline personality disorder and chronic depression and has suffered with alcohol and drug addiction in the past. He grew up in foster homes in the U.K and his childhood was fraught with abuse, neglect and abandonment. He has been hospitalized multiple times for suicide attempts and was a self-harmer in his youth. He was diagnosed with schizo-affective disorder after a psychosis in 2001. His work as a Peer Support Worker has impacted him profoundly and he is able to use his experience and pain to help others. His plan for the future is to progress in his career as a Peer Worker and to also spread the word on the stigma of mental health and addiction. He believes that just because we have an illness or an addiction, or both, does not mean we cannot overcome and inspire others. He is appreciative to be a part of Healthy Minds Canada and is happy to answer any questions you may have!