How Meditation Became My Medication

Each day, I know that no matter how well things are going on in my life, I will get to a place where I discover the emptiness, sadness, and loneliness inside me. It’s tough, it’s dark, and I struggle with it constantly. Sometimes the emotional pain is so intense that it leads to physical pain. … Continued

About Mike Veny

Mike Veny – founder of, TransformingStigma.Com, is a sought after mental health stigma expert, keynote speaker, and professional drummer. He delivers entertaining, engaging, and educational experiences to conferences and events throughout the world. After suffering from a devastating mental health breakdown in August of 2011, Mike made the decision to use his speaking and drumming skills to serve others. As a person who painfully struggles with mental health challenges every day, he is committed to helping others like him. Today Mike is fiercely committed to the idea that transforming the stigma into strength starts with you taking an honest look at yourself. His essential message is “Stigma starts with shame. Shame leads to silence. Silence leads to self-destructive behavior and suicide.”