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Healthy Minds Canada/Bell Let’s Talk 2016 Campaign


BLT name dropping image (2) On January 27, 2016, Bell ran its 6th Bell Let’s Talk campaign, and for the 3rd year in a row, Healthy Minds Canada played a huge role! Thanks to Rebecca Wagner, National Campaign Manager, for leading an awesome group of 12 Team Leaders!  Beginning September 2015, Rebecca recruited and motivated the Team Leaders, who, in turn, built amazing teams of hundreds of mental health advocates from across Canada. Together, this dedicated team, consisting entirely of volunteers, took to Twitter throughout December and January to promote awareness of mental health challenges and resources and to create a digital support system for those suffering. Just after midnight January 26th Newfoundland time, this team kicked into high gear until the end of Bell Let’s Talk Day at 11:59pm PST (3am EST!), and throughout that time, the HMC Twitter account was on fire with the @Healthy_Minds handle and the #BellLetsTalk hashtag! So THANK YOU for talking about mental health!  Whether by text or phone on the Bell network, by Twitter using the hashtag #BellLetsTalk, or on Facebook by sharing the Howie Mandel image, Bell broke last year’s record of over 100 million messages and posts before the day even ended!

The final results from Bell are in!

Thanks to your support, Bell saw a record 125,915,295 calls, texts, tweets and shares on Bell Let’s Talk Day.

That means an additional $6,295,764.75 will be donated to mental health initiatives across Canada.

Incredible work everyone!

Healthy Minds Canada/Bell Let’s Talk Awareness Campaign Breakdown for the @Healthy_Minds Account

Total Tweets, Retweets, & Mentions on Twitter on #BellLetsTalk Day 2016: 3,617!!  That’s an increase of 22,606%!! * from an average day

 Total Tweets, Retweets, & Mentions on Twitter in all of January 2016: 10,110 (7,765 included #BellLetsTalk!) That’s an increase of 2,170%!! * from an average month

 And we increased our Twitter following by 1,048 people (by 624 on Bell Let’s Talk Day alone!)!  That’s 1,048 more people who have joined our community on Twitter to engage and discuss mental health issues!

During the month of January, HMC gained 175 new followers on Facebook (approximately 75 higher than in a regular month).

From Jan 1-Jan 26, HMC’s main web site received 12,833 visits (or an average of 494 per day).  On Bell Let’s Talk Day, HMC’s main web site received 2,602 visits.  That’s a one day jump of 427%!

 In late December, HMC build a Bell Let’s Talk awareness campaign page on our web site.  This page received 2,337 visitors in the month of January leading up to Bell Let’s Talk Day and 1,368 visits on January 27th, or Bell Let’s Talk Day.  

 Want to stay involved?  Follow Healthy Minds Canada at @Healthy_Minds or e-mail Katie to be updated on details for next year’s Bell Let’s Talk Campaign:  [email protected]://  Please also follow our HMC/BLT 2016 National Campaign Manager Rebecca Wagner (@BecLizWag) and our amazing Team Leaders on Twitter (see below), who will be continuing the inspiring conversations started during Bell Let’s Talk Day.                                                      

BLT 2016 dollar stats (2)


Meet the 2016 Healthy Minds Canada/Bell Let’s Talk Team

Avid Volunteer  |  Chair of Communications  |  Mental Health Advisory Group Member  |  Healthy Policy Researcher  |  Board Member  |  VP Social Media Strategy  |  National Campaign Manager  |  Proud @westernu & @UWaterloo Alumna

Rebecca Wagner – National Campaign Manager

Email: [email protected]://
Location: Toronto, Ontario

Rashi Gupta – National Campaign Coordinator

Rashi recently graduated from the University of Toronto Scarborough with a double major in Anthropology and Health Studies. Her interest in mental health stems from first year university where she started to participate heavily in public health organizations such as The University of Toronto International Health Program, Juxtaposition Global Health Magazine and the Health and Wellness Centre located at University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC). Rashi started volunteering for Healthy Minds Canada after having attended the Taking Charge Conference which was focused around schizophrenia.

Twitter: “@rashigupta_15 “
Email: [email protected]
Toronto, Ontario

Ashley Plumtree – Team Leader

Ashley Plumtree works for Stepping Stones To Mental Health as a Success Coach.  Stepping Stones to Mental Health is one of 37 Mental Health Capacity Building Projects launched by Alberta Health Services.  Ashley graduated university with a B.A. in Psychology, and a Minor in Religious Studies with a focus on Buddhism.

Facebook Stepping Stones to Mental Health
Instagram: Stepping Stones to Mental Health
Location: Calgary area, Alberta

Kristen McCullagh – Team Leader

In addition to being a BC PHSA employee, Kristen is also a mental health and addictions volunteer. She is currently finishing her B.A. in Psychology at Simon Fraser University, and will be pursuing a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology afterwards. Her end goal is to help those with Borderline Personality Disorder. Kristen’s passion for mental health is a result of having personally experienced mental illness.

Twitter: “@KristenYVR”
Facebook: kristenmcc29
Instagram: kristenyvr
Location: Vancouver, B.C.

DeeAnn Mercier – Team Leader

The Lighthouse assist high needs, at risk individuals in reaching their potential by providing safe & affordable housing, social supports & opportunities. Employee and advocate.

Twitter: @deeannmercier
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Crista Burnett – Team Leader

Mental health advocate helping end stigma by publicly identifying as one of the 1 in 5 Canadians who will experience a mental health issue in their lifetime – because the world would be a better place if everyone shared their story, and if more people listened.

Twitter: @FindingDaylight
Location: Torbay, Newfoundland & Labrador

Laura LaMura – Team Leader

I am a recent graduate from McMaster University; I conferred a degree in Honours Gerontology and Health Studies and received a minor in Sociology as well.

I have been fascinated with mental health and initiatives since 2010. I have done a lot of research on looking at stigmatization and the effects it has on individuals and also their willingness to seek services. I primarily have experience and a focus in depression and anxiety as it is something I have experienced for many years. I am a very active supporter of research in mental health, but most importantly fostering and supporting individuals with mental health as adequately as I am able to.

I would eventually like to be a psychiatrist working with adults. Being a psychiatrist to me seems like the ultimate reward, because all of the training and education you have received up to that point has given you the ability to help those in need. Additionally, a lasting and beneficial impact on your patient’s life. To me knowing in some way that I have helped someone is the best feeling.

Twitter: @LauraL2920
Email: [email protected]
Location: Halton Hills, Ontario

Cindy MacRae – Team Leader

Hotelier, Broadcaster, Writer, Depression Survivor, Stigma Buster

My 5 year battle with Major Depressive Disorder was the most difficult and isolating time of my life. Since going public with my story a year ago I have heard from dozens of people who have also been struggling with mental illness. I am currently training to be a Mental Health Peer Support Worker because I know what a difference it would have made in my life at the time If I would have had someone to talk to who understood what I was going through.

Facebook: Cindy MacRae
LinkedIn: Cindy MacRae
Twitter: @cindy_macrae
Location: Nova Scotia

Marisa Lancione – Team Leader

Media relations co-ordinator ‪at Concordia, mental health advocate, fervent feminist, writer, reader & the resident tall-girl. Marisa recently launched her own blog, Mad Girl’s Lament, where she writes about her personal experiences with bipolar disorder.

Twitter:  @marisalancione
Location:  Montreal, Quebec

Lynn Tougas – Team Leader   

Registered Kinesiologist. Coach. Trainer. Yoga Teacher. Triathlete. Speaker. Survivor.

Exercise is medicine.  It has saved my life many times over and continues to be my rock throughout all life’s trials and tribulations.  Exercise as medicine is interchangeable and it is relatively easy to adjust the dose, intensity, time and type as needed with very little side effects and if any, they are almost always positive!  I wholeheartedly recommend exercise as medicine to all of you!

Twitter: @LTKnS
Facebook: Lynn Tougas Whole Heart Whole Health
Pintrest: Lynn Tougas
Linked In: Lynn Tougas Registered Kinesiologist
Location:  Toronto, Ontario

Anita Levesque – Team Leader

Mental Health Advocate – Having lived with loved ones who had/have a mental illness, Anita has become more and more aware of the stigma attached.  Through a combination of Anita’s website and her contributors who have personal experiences, Anita’s goal is to help break the stigma.

Location:  Stoney Creek (Hamilton), Ontario

Eric Collins – Team Leader

Eric is a PhD student at Western University in London, Ontario. He conducts research on substance use disorders and addictions. Eric serves as a conduit between scientific research and street knowledge regarding drug use and addictive behaviours. Eric has a BHSc from UOIT and a MSc from Western University. Eric is an emerging professional and mental health advocate who is passionate about raising awareness, eliminating barriers and removing stigmas associated with mental illness, as well as those afflicted by substance use disorders and addictions. Eric’s motivation to get involved in the Healthy Minds Canada/Bell Let’s Talk campaign stems from his extensive lived experiences of substance use disorders, addictive behaviours, and mental illness.

Twitter:   @eric1collins
Facebook:  Eric Collins
Instagram:  e.a.collins
Location:  London, Ontario

Meaghan McKeough – Team Leader

Meaghan is a 21 year old nursing student originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia. She is currently residing in St. John’s, Newfoundland while attending Memorial University of Newfoundland. Her passion for mental health advocacy started when she arrived in Newfoundland in 2012; when her struggles with depression relapsed. Within six months of being in Newfoundland, she was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder (BPD). She has fought with BPD for a while, and is just now starting to get a hang of it. That wasn’t the last of her mental health struggles. Binge eating disorder became a problem, and still is, just six months after being diagnosed with BPD. In her struggles, she formed Memorial Minds, a student lead activist group aimed at promoting mental wellness and erasing the stigma of mental illness on the MUN campuses. Upon graduation, Meaghan hopes to pursue psychiatric nursing.

Twitter: @m_mckeough
Location: Newfoundland

Edgewood Health Network – Team Leader

Edgewood Health Network (EHN) is Canada’s leader in treating addictions, eating disorders and associated mental health issues. Through a network of nine treatment facilities across the country, addressing both in-patient and outpatient needs, EHN is the largest single provider of adult addiction and mental health treatment in Canada.

Twitter: @edgewoodhealth
Phoenix Magazine:
Email: [email protected]
Locations: Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal, Victoria, Seattle.



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