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Team ThanksThank you for another terrific Healthy Minds Canada/Bell Let’s Talk campaign!

In all, Bell saw a record 122,150,772 million tweets, texts, calls and shares on Bell Let’s Talk Day. That means an additional $6,107,538.60 will be donated to mental health initiatives around Canada!

And we certainly noticed some awesome numbers on our end:

Thanks to our awesome team, Healthy Minds Canada’s main web site saw a 2303% increase in traffic (and our Bell Let’s Talk page saw a 2682% increase and was, by far, the most visited page).

Our HMC/BLT team generated 13,089 Tweets (and 911 new @Healthy_Minds followers) on Jan 28 and generated 23,384 Tweets (and 1095 new followers) during the month of January using #BellLetsTalk @Healthy_Minds

The Bell Let’s Talk special Facebook image of the day (featuring Howie Mandel) was shared via HMC 275 times and HMC’s Facebook page gained 143 new FB fans!


VISA GIFT CARD Awards for Most Media Coverage

visaCrista Burnett (@FindingDaylight)
Crista was Interviewed on VOCM Open Line (@VOCMOpenline)  and CBC CrossTalk (@CBCCrosstalk).  She was also on the front page in The Telegram on Bell Let’s Talk Day.

Andrea Paquette (@bipolar_babe)
CFAX (@cfax1070) twice!  In the morning with Al Faraby (@alferraby) and then with Terry Moore in the afternoon at 3pm  @cfax1070
Then KOOL FM at 7am
Sunday, Jan 31st with Bruce Williams (@CTVNewsBruce) on CTV News (@CTVNews)

Starbucks Runners Up:
Marisa Lancione (@marisalancione) who had a feature role in the Clara’s Big Ride documentary that aired on Bell Let’s Talk Day
Rebecca Wagner (@BecLizWag) was interviewed by a Ryerson Journalism student

starbucks-logo_0Team Member Starbucks Prize Winners:

Amanda Sharpe (@Mander21)
Kelly Risbey (@MntlHlthWarrior)
Twyla Wilband (@TwylaWilband)
Mel Luxenberg (@contentqueenmel)
Nadia Z-C (@JustNadiaZ)
Danielle Fermin  (@SteppingS2MH)
Rheanon Funnell (@1Winjy)
Samantha U’Ren (@samantha2113)
Michelle Huang (@MichelleUBC)
Deb Rowley Madison Coaching & Therapy http://www.madisoncoaching.com/   https://m.facebook.com/ADHDMadisonCoaching/ADHDMadisonCoaching?fref=ts
Cheryl Parker, Founder, My Good Grief http://www.mygoodgrief.com
Duane Gordon, Communications Committee Chair, ADDA  http://www.add.org/   https://www.facebook.com/ADHDAdult  @adultadhd

Team Member special mentions:
Health Writer/Researcher Kyle J.Norton (@kylejnorton)
Pro hockey player Mike Zigomanis (@mikezigomanis)
Author Ann Douglas (@anndouglas)
Chancellor of the University of Victoria & CBC’s Shelagh Rogers (@RogersShelagh)
Toronto City Councillor Josh Matlow (@JoshMatlow)
Amelia Curran (@Amelia_Curran)
Lynn Keane (@keane_lynn)

Starbucks Top Team Leaders Prize (Six way tie – seriously!):
Jean-François Claude (@DysthymicDad)
Marisa Lancione (@marisalancione)
Rebecca Wagner (@BecLizWag)
Ava Green & Rick Green (@TotallyADD)
Crista Burnett (@FindingDaylight)
Larissa Fleurette (@LarissaFleurs)

Team Leader voted most helpful by other team leaders:
Rebecca Wagner wins the VISA gift card for this one!  Congrats Rebecca!

Spotlight on a #BellLetsTalk @Health_Minds team member
Please take a moment to visit #BelLetsTalk team member, Janice Lam’s Blog: https://lamjylam.wordpress.com/
Janice is a mental health advocate who maintains a blog so that she can explore issues such as the importance of taking time for oneself, finding the right balance between work, school and personal life, and, of course – happiness.

And some last minute news:

HMC/BLT Team Leader, Rick Green (@TotallyADD) has since been appointed to The Order of Ontario!  Way to go, Rick!!

Thanks2015 Let’s Talk Social Media Team Leaders

Jean-François Claude

Mental health advocate living with anxiety and dysthymia (depression). Fighting stigma.

Twitter: @DysthymicDad
Blog: www.TheMensDEN.ca
Location: Ottawa, Ontario

Marisa Lancione

Media relations co-ordinator ‪at Concordia, mental health advocate, fervent feminist, writer, reader & the resident tall-girl. Marisa recently launched her own blog, Mad Girl’s Lament, where she writes about her personal experiences with bipolar disorder.

Twitter: @marisalancione
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MadGirlsLament
Blog: madgirlslament.com
Location: Montreal, Quebec

Andrea Paquette

Andrea Paquette is founder and Executive Director of the Bipolar Disorder Society of BC, also known as Bipolar Babe in the community. She is a mental health speaker, published author, advocate and above all a Stigma Stomper.

Twitter: @bipolar_babe
Website: bipolarbabe.com
Become A Twitter Hero. Find out more here.
Location: Victoria, British Columbia

DeeAnn Mercier

The Lighthouse assist high needs, at risk individuals in reaching their potential by providing safe & affordable housing, social supports & opportunities. Employee and advocate.

Twitter: @deeannmercier
Blog: deeannmarie.tumblr.com
Location: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Chantal Wiebe

I’m a grey-haired married mama raising our boys on a Canadian prairie acreage. A school psychologist. A writer + creative wellness junkie. A life thesis in learning to love. A work in progress. Totally imperfect. And, His.

Twitter: @chantal_wiebe
IG: @chantal_wiebe
facebook: facebook.com/chantal.wiebe
linkedin: ca.linkedin.com/in/chantalwiebe
Website: http://chantalwiebe.ca
Location: Manitoba

John St. Louis

Twitter: @jstl44
Location: Northwest Territories

Rebecca Wagner

Twitter: @BecLizWag
LinkedIn: ca.linkedin.com/in/rebeccaelizabethwagner
Email: [email protected]://healthymindscanada.ca
Location: Toronto, Ontario

Larissa Fleurette

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/larissafleurette
Twitter: @larissafleurs

Crista Burnett

Mental health advocate determined to help end stigma by publicly identifying myself as one of the 1 in 5 Canadians who will experience a mental health issue in their lifetime – because the world would be a better place if everyone shared their story, and if more people listened.

Twitter: @FindingDaylight
LinkedIn: ca.linkedin.com/in/cristaburnett
Location: St. John’s, Newfoundland & Labrador

Ava & Rick Green

Website: totallyadd.com
Facebook: TotallyADD Facebook Page
Twitter: @TotallyADD
G+: TotallyADD G+ Page
Blog: TotallyADD Blog

Kristen McCullagh

Facebook: facebook.com/kristenmcc29
Instagram: @kristenyvr
Twitter: @KristenYVR
Location: Vancouver, BC

Kyle Cluff

Mental Health advocate- Here to show a body transformation and weight loss is feasible, even on Anxiety and Depression medication that cause weight gain. I hope by doing this I unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.

Twitter: @kycluff
Facebook: Head-Meds-and-Weight-Gain-Breaking-The-Cycle
Website: www.headmedsandweightgain.com
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

Ashley Plumtree

Success Coach with Stepping Stones to Mental Health for Rocky View Schools

Facebook: Stepping Stones to Mental Health
Twitter @SteppingS2MH
Instagram: Stepping Stones to Mental Health
Location: Calgary area, AB

About Healthy Minds Canada

Healthy Minds Canada is a national, non-profit, charitable organization that funds research, education and awareness in mental health and addictions. Highlights include over 400 research projects, national Youth Summits, a national partnership/program with the Boys and Girls Club of Canada, a series of Symposia titled “Open Minds Across Canada“, our When Something’s Wrong Handbook series, a soon to be launched on-line tool for parents, and others. Future projects include video production, anti-stigma projects, app development and games to complement our very popularWhen Something’s Wrong handbooks.

About Bell Canada

BCE Inc. is Canada’s largest communications company, providing a comprehensive and innovative suite of broadband communications and content services to consumer, residential business and government customers in Canada.

Bell communications services are offered under the Bell Canada and Bell Aliant brands and Bell Media is Canada’s premier multimedia company with leading assets in television, radio, out of home and digital media.

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The Bell Let’s Talk mental health initiative promotes Canadian mental health with national awareness and anti-stigma campaigns like Bell Let’s Talk Day and significant Bell funding of community care and access, research, and workplace initiatives.