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Healthy rewards for a healthier you!BLR_logo_4 registered

“…offering rewards or incentives as extrinsic motivators may bridge the time needed to internalize the values and benefits of healthy living.”

The BestLifeRewarded program was designed for one purpose – to promote evidence-based health behaviour change. Your turnkey solution for member health and wellness, including:

  • Comprehensive health risk assessment
  • Member segmentation based on stage of behaviour change, conviction/ confidence and propensity to adhere
  • Personalized health action plans focused on modifiable risk factors and a “small steps” approach, including financial well being
  • 80+ educational modules
  • 25+ health tracking tools
  • Health and medication reminders
  • Wearables integration
  • Healthy recipes, daily news
  • 30-day health challenges, e.g. drink more water, connect with family, random acts of kindness
  • SMART goal setting
  • Corporate health challenges
  • Multiple rewards streams (lottery, cash, nonfinancial), with complete fulfillment system
  • Lots more!

Sample Behaviour Change Metrics in Real Time Reporting Dashboard

Baseline and over time by total population, group, division, geography, industry sector, etc.:

  • Aggregate HRA scores (weighted to modifiable risk factors vs. non-modifiable)
  • Conviction/confidence segments related to 8 key modifiable risk factors
  • Stage of health behavior change
  • Propensity to adhere
  • Engagement in “offline” activities such as flu clinics, fitness centers, lunch and learns
  • Activity levels based on “wearables”, e.g. FitBit
  • Health literacy and knowledge shift
  • Population health risk levels vs. national prevalence data