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Introducing Big White Wall

In 2014, after attempting suicide, I was released into the care of my parents. At that time, I didn’t have a formal diagnosis of my illness. I didn’t have a prescription for any medication. I didn’t have a family doctor. I had no appreciation for the delays involved in getting psychiatric or therapeutic help. It’s … Continued

Rethinking Leadership in the Face of Mental Ilness

I attended a “Mental Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace” lunch this week with colleagues from across London.  The lunch was to raise awareness and help managers identify mental illness in the workplace.  The presenters shared a distressing statistic from a 2014 Mind report that, “40 percent of employers view workers with mental health problems … Continued

Take the 5 Minutes Challenge

Roughly 12 years ago, I was issued a challenge from a good friend of mine. The challenge was simple: Spend 5 minutes sitting in silence. 5 minutes…that’s it. Pffft…I thought, that doesn’t seem so difficult. So I tried it. I sat down in a chair, turned my timer on, and sat there. For the first … Continued

Misophonia Is Being Researched, But Advocacy Needs to Grow

I’m an advocate for the disorder Misophonia. Lately, you may have seen it in the press. I should be happy. I should be jumping for joy that my disorder is being researched – and even more, joy that it’s been featured around the world by the media. Unfortunately, I’m too close to all this. I’ve … Continued


Samantha Lynn Hogan 1992 –2017 On October 26th, 2017, we lost a friend, an advocate and a brilliantly talented human being. You will be deeply missed by everyone who was fortunate enough to know you.   No, I’m not a regularly-scheduled blogger. But I’m here to share my own perspective on losing Sam. How I … Continued

Progress on this BPD Recovery Journey is possible!

This time I was more aware, more in tune with what was happening. A true sign I’m learning! Progress is possible!! Being more informed regarding my mental illness (specifically) and mental health, in general, has been so important in my recovery journey. Over the last year, I’ve talked and asked, read and listened. And I’ve … Continued

Becoming Aware

I didn’t fully understand all that went on during childhood, until I moved out and started college. While at home, I had thought my parents yelling and fighting, the physical abuse was how every family was.  I tried talking to a counsellor in high school and I don’t think they took me seriously.  I feel … Continued

Growing Up with Domestic Violence

The 90’s for me was a time of the best music, film, and all around popular culture. It also has significance to me because that was the time I was born. Born into a broken family, with a brother from another father and a young single mother who spent all of her weekdays either at … Continued

Am I Worthless?

I am worthless. I am less than. I have no value. I am a burden. I am a waste of space. I am broken. I am useless. Be small. Be quiet. Don’t take up too much space. I have been going to therapy for years, years upon years, and I have only cried one time … Continued

On Feeling Stuck

This is a very different post from what I usually write. It’s rawer, I think. But it’s an issue that’s been troubling me for quite a while and, I think, might be troubling some of you. At some point, we are told to let go, to move on. But like all things involving mental illness, … Continued

Don’t Worry

What is the difference between stress and anxiety? Anxiety UK describes stress as, “…the feelings that people experience when the demands made on them are greater than their ability to cope.”   They describe Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) as, “..the thing that .makes GAD different from “normal worry” is that the worry is prolonged (it lasts … Continued

Why I Don’t Kiss My Daughter

I put on my shoes, grabbed my coffee tumbler and my bag, and went to give kisses before leaving the house. When I got to my daughter I said, “hugs and kisses?” She wrapped her little arms around me, and I leaned down to give her a kiss, and she pulled away and said, “No … Continued


Advocacy Helps Me Cope With My Misophonia

Have you ever heard a sound and immediately wanted to reach across the table and smack the offender? No? Then consider yourself lucky. I’m not saying I smack people on a regular basis because laws are a thing… but I am saying that it’s a thought that crosses my mind. I suffer from an often … Continued

Labelled “Highly Functioning” BPD/ Feeling more ‘Forcefully Functioning”!

Being told I was “High Functioning” felt almost like questioning the severity of my mental illness. Bitter taste left in my mouth. Felt like more judgement. I have some thoughts pent-up since this conversation so: Release the thoughts!: What is “High Functioning?” Well according to the dictionary it’s this: http://www.dictionary.com high-func·tion·ing :adjective performing or operating at … Continued

Rebuilding Myself

On October 11, 2017, it would have been 12 years of marriage. For 10 years I was in an extremely toxic marriage with someone who was narcissistic, controlling and would gaslight. My boyfriend and I went for lunch and we overheard a loud conversation a couple, with 3 young children, were having.  It reminded me … Continued

4 Easy Methods to Calm Someone’s Anxiety Attack

Experiencing an anxiety attack is never easy. You feel afraid, out of control and that your emotions, heart, and nerves are driving the vehicle – and you’re the passenger. But what do you do when someone else begins to have an anxiety attack? As a witness to a loved one, a person at work, or … Continued

Who are the Mefloquine Warriors?

Just a couple weeks ago, on what was one of the most sweltering “summer” days in the Nation’s Capital, many of our most outspoken Canadian “mefloquine warriors” gathered at the stairs of Parliament Hill in Ottawa to share their knowledge and experiences with mefloquine.  Many of these warriors traveled very long distances to express the … Continued

Dreaming it Away?

When I was little I loved to pretend and create stories. My stories reflected what I wished my life would look like, what I hoped my life could be, the world I wished I was living in. Life at home for a young me was a lot of yelling, a lot of fighting, a lot … Continued

Mental Health’s Other “S” Words

Spend time on social media reading posts on mental illness and mental health and you’ll soon come across many of mental health’s other “S” words: stigma and shame, silence, survival, sharing and support. Post after post will decry social stigma, railing against the injustices it creates in the availability of services, both in terms of … Continued

Mental Health in the Workplace

World Mental Health Day was observed last week with the theme of mental health in the workplace.  The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that, “Work is good for mental health but a negative working environment can lead to physical and mental health problems.” They also report that “Depression and anxiety have a significant economic impact; … Continued