Relationships. Romantic Familial Professional Friendly All of these different kinds of relationships, but what exactly makes a relationship? I think at its simplest it is being connected to another human, no matter how close that connection is. So then how can I have relationships where I’m connected to other people when my depression and anxiety … Continued

The Apps I Use – Part 2

In my post, The Apps I Use, I shared with you the apps I’ve installed on my Android smartphone to support my mental health. That post was a list of the apps with links to them in the Play Store. In this post, I’d like to tell you why I chose some of those apps. In … Continued

Appreciating the Positives of My Anxiety

It’s easy to get stuck in a negative place when you have a mental illness. I am struggling right now to manage my anxiety.  I feel like my body and my brain are in a constant battle and I am powerless to control them. My physical and emotional symptoms clash and I feel panicked and … Continued

The Anxiety of Kids

We have done it probably close to 100 times in his 7 years of life, but we had never got that phone call. Let me back up a bit…a little while ago, we received the offer from someone to take the kids for a sleepover…an offer that’s hard to refuse for any parent! So we … Continued

My Lifetime Battle with Suicide

*Possible trigger warning as this topic is suicide. Please be aware.* I strongly believe that the topic of suicide is still so stigmatized and taboo that it stays in the dark leaving no safe place for discussion and understanding. The only way to break this cycle of mouths closed is to open wide and share … Continued

Explaining Mental Illness to Children

Children of all ages are naturally curious and constantly asking questions.  We, as adults, need to be attentive and take the time to listen.  The generation now is exposed to the awareness of mental illness, more than previous generations. It’s our responsibility to help educate our children about the world around them. When I was … Continued

The Truth about Bipolar Disorder

The Truth about Bipolar Disorder There isn’t a time when I’m out and I don’t hear my friends or people on the streets claiming that something is “bipolar!” It has become a part of our everyday language and what we know is that the term is used to symbolize a situation or person that has … Continued

My Drug Journey Leads to a Mefloquine Rally

In today’s post, I will focus on Mefloquine Awareness Canada (MAC) – a group comprised of Canadian Forces veterans, family members, civilians, and scientific and medical experts, who collectively aim to raise national awareness of the harms caused by the use of the anti-malarial drug mefloquine (also known as Lariam). After almost a year of … Continued

Back to School – STRESS

As you are reading this I am packing up my bag and best breathing exercises, finding a place to put the thoughts of doom, despair, and anxiety and making my way back to school. I love the idea of school, the pens, books, note taking, coffee, the learning. The idea of it all is really … Continued


In my last post, I talked about colouring. I explored how I came to rediscover it and the effects it has had on my mental health. In this post, I’ll discuss another tool that has propelled my recovery – writing. Writing is a significant part of my life. But this hasn’t always been true. There … Continued

Learning To Talk About My Mental Health

I don’t know how to talk about my mental health. I can write about my mental health.  Writing makes me happy and I have always found comfort and escape in words.  I love the feeling of being stuck in my head, even if it’s not always the best place to be.  It’s conversation I find … Continued

It’s Hard to Talk About – Suicide

Suicide is a very personal, debatable and emotional topic for everyone.  It can affect anyone; you, me, celebrities, family and friends. Suicide Prevention Awareness Day is approaching on September 10 2017 but it needs to be discussed on a daily basis, more now than ever. I have first hand experience with suicide through my father, … Continued

10 Ways To Foster Your Campus Mental Health

The final weeks of summer have just wrapped up. Now, as September looms ahead, is the time to get serious about mental health on campus. Whether you are a first-time student or coming back to school, mental health impacts many students. While living on campus, and away from home, I struggled with anxiety and depression. … Continued

Will you sit in the discomfort?

As I look out the hospital window at the moon rising in the sky, the sky starting to darken, I have a healthy mixture of joy, fear, and uncertainty that roams through my body. Four days ago my wife and I had our fourth baby (a baby girl!!). Four kids under the age of seven, … Continued

Finding My Metaphor

I have never fancied myself a creative writer, but in trying to express how my illness feels right now, I find myself looking for the perfect comparison: The personal overhead storm cloud, the veil of sadness, the blinders – all good metaphors for depression, but I find, in trying to process my most recent spiral … Continued

Suicidal Thoughts – Crisis or Commonplace?

CW: Suicide. Please read at your own discretion. “Are you having suicidal thoughts?” This is always an awkward question for me, because my answer depends on whether I want to answer the actual question itself or answer the question I know you’re really asking, “Are you an immediate danger to yourself or others?” Because most … Continued

BPD and Motherhood — If I can do it so can you!

Nothing has been more gratifying and fulfilling as being a mother. I love my kids, I am proud and frankly honored I’ve been blessed with the chance to raise them. All 3 of my kids are amazing ( says every mother ever ) they are smart and talented and every day make me proud (again … Continued

25 years of Mefloquine Madness

As a brief introduction, I am very happy to have been invited by Healthy Minds Canada to share the story about my first ever encounter with a prescription drug at age 28.  This medication was an anti-malarial drug called mefloquine, also known by its brand name Lariam (Hoffman-La Roche).  In the following 19 years after … Continued