The Taboo Subject of the Month

This month, and October 15th especially, is dedicated to a topic that is still taboo for us to talk about. It’s one of those things that too many people have suffered from, but not many have actually told others about it. It’s one of those subjects that cause a lot of pain for far too … Continued


Is Misophonia Hatred Of Sound?

Confusion. If I were to choose a word that perfectly explains the world of Misophonia, advocacy, and the pursuit of answers (particularly on Google Search), the word I would choose is without a doubt: confusion. The waters are often muddied by misinformation. Like all things in the modern world, Misophonia has been branded – however, … Continued

Everyone is Deserving of Love

Most of my life I’ve been in search of love. The kind of love that is not only unconditional but also fairy tale. Prince Charming, my very own prince charming. I suppose it was the yearning for love and affection I didn’t receive as a child. Or the little girl inside of me that never … Continued

Living with OCD

This week is International OCD Awareness Week, October 8-14th, 2017.  I feel awareness should be every day, not just one time, as this is an ongoing issue for many people. Most people relate OCD, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, to excessive hand washing or constant flipping of the light switch.  I have come to realize there is … Continued

Is Anger Consuming Your Life?

What makes you tick? What are the things that make you lose your mind and go out of control with expressing your anger? This emotion is powerful. So powerful that it can alter how you behave, relationships with other people and the quality of everyday functioning. But what do you do when anger begins consuming … Continued


Last year this time I was having my third psychiatric assessment done in the basement of my school. There was a doctor, a resident and little old me. As they were delivering their verdict of my diagnosis they were giving me information on what this meant for my future. The resident told me that when … Continued

Just BEing

As I write this, I’m sitting in a well-lit room. The sun streams through a large bay window. There’s a stillness around me. Ambient sounds include the tumbling of the dryer in the hall, the hiss of tires on the pavement outside, and the clicking of my keyboard as I type. I choose to stop … Continued

Managing my Health Anxiety Symptoms

I am an intelligent person who doesn’t want to die.  So why do I suffer from such an illogical form of mental illness? Health anxiety isn’t just a matter of worrying more about real, or perceived medical conditions.  Like other anxiety disorders, it is a combination of behaviours and symptoms that can drastically affect a … Continued

Why Can’t Men Ask For Help?

It was the beginning of a two-day ski-trip. I was beyond excited! No kids, no wives, just me and the guys out there on the slopes for two whole days. We started off pretty easy on the first run, the muscle memory of what my legs and feet were supposed to do started to kick … Continued

Mental Health In Schools

As Canadians, we like to take pride in a country that champions for the rights of the mentally and physically disabled. Unfortunately, much of that pride is based on false assumptions that our systems are working optimally. For people with disabilities, we are often on the battlefield – testing these policies and their limitations. We … Continued

“What do you need?” – Support in Many Forms

Different people are, well, different. Duh. Looks, personality, lifestyle, behaviour, experiences… There are countless factors that set us apart from one another, and mental health is definitely one of those factors. And it’s not just that some people are doing okay and some people aren’t; there are different kinds of okay and different ways of … Continued

What Depression Feels Like

I had something occur to me the other day.  An article came up on my Facebook timeline; differences between being depressed and sad.  It reminded me of everything I had gone through within the last 10 years or so. I was married for 10 years.  Marriage is supposed to be happy and loving; mine was … Continued

I am No adult- BPD later in life!

I’m no adult! I’m 37 married with 3 kids; but man, I am no adult. I seem to be more of a mess later in life. Never knew that could happen. Had no idea you could be diagnosed with anything later in life. I just assumed that if something was wrong, you would have that … Continued


Relationships. Romantic Familial Professional Friendly All of these different kinds of relationships, but what exactly makes a relationship? I think at its simplest it is being connected to another human, no matter how close that connection is. So then how can I have relationships where I’m connected to other people when my depression and anxiety … Continued

The Apps I Use – Part 2

In my post, The Apps I Use, I shared with you the apps I’ve installed on my Android smartphone to support my mental health. That post was a list of the apps with links to them in the Play Store. In this post, I’d like to tell you why I chose some of those apps. In … Continued

Appreciating the Positives of My Anxiety

It’s easy to get stuck in a negative place when you have a mental illness. I am struggling right now to manage my anxiety.  I feel like my body and my brain are in a constant battle and I am powerless to control them. My physical and emotional symptoms clash and I feel panicked and … Continued

The Anxiety of Kids

We have done it probably close to 100 times in his 7 years of life, but we had never got that phone call. Let me back up a bit…a little while ago, we received the offer from someone to take the kids for a sleepover…an offer that’s hard to refuse for any parent! So we … Continued