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Healthy Minds Canada is pleased to partner with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada. With the generous support of RBC, HMC annually provides 10 Clubs with the opportunity to run and evaluate the evidence-based, early intervention/prevention FRIENDS Programs which are designed to build emotional resilience and anxiety management skills in children and youth.


 FRIENDS for Life helps children and teenagers cope with feelings of fear, worry, and depression by building resilience and self-esteem and teaching cognitive and emotional skills in a simple, well-structured format. Used in schools and clinics throughout the world, FRIENDS is the only childhood anxiety prevention program acknowledged by the World Health Organization (WHO) for its 12 years of comprehensive evaluation and practice. FRIENDS has proved effective for up to 6 years after intial exposure.


Worldwide, FRIENDS is being used in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, The United States, Mexico, South Africa, The Netherlands, Germany, Portugal, Finland, Norway, The United Kingdom, and Hong Kong. It is also in the process of being translated into Russian and Arabic.

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