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Workplace Mental Health

If you are a regular reader of the National Post, you may have noticed a full page feature on January 19th about new report called Brain Health in a Brain Economy: Breaking Through about a proposed business-science partnership that would focus on brain disorders.

The feature was the first in a series presented by Mental Health International, Lundbeck Canada, and Michael Wilson (former Finance Minister, current Chairman of Barclays Capital Canada Inc. and Chancellor of the University of Toronto)  on an unprecedented initiative to build an international business-science partnership for brain health in a brain economy.

As you might already know,  brain based mental disorders are emerging as one of the top two sources of work years lost in the global economy and Breaking Through is the first step toward building a business plan for an International Business and Science Partnership for Brain Health in a Brain Economy.

Most new jobs demand cerebral not manual skills and employee cognition is the foundation and driver of a productive and innovation workplace.  Without sound mental health policies, workplaces will fall behind.
The report is a long and very interesting read and offers some very interesting facts.

Like this regarding suicide:

In Canada, the number of kids who take their own lives might be expressed in these graphic terms. That is, their loss of life to suicide is equivalent to a jumbo jet filled with teenagers crashing into the ground once a year – year in and year out – killing every kid on board.

ThBrain Health in a Brain Ecomomy imagee goal of the proposed partnership is to change the world’s experience with brain-based, mental disorders over the next 10 years.

Click here to download the report.