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Concurrent Disorders – Presentations from McMaster & HMC

Slide1Concurrent disorders is a term used to describe a situation where a person is struggling with both mental health and substance use problems.

On November 8th, McMaster University, St. Joseph’s Healthcare, Otsuka Canada, and Healthy Minds Canada hosted an free educational community event about concurrent disorders where leading psychiatrists and researchers presented on current approaches to understanding and treating people struggling with addictions and mental illness. Feedback from the filled-to-capacity room was amazing with most indicating that they are already looking forward to the next event!

Feel free to download any of the following presentations that were made about Concurrent Disorders:

Introduction to Concurrent Disorders

An introductory lecture to concurrent disorders by Jenn Brasch, MD, FRCPC.

Download PDF

What 2,000 People With Concurrent Disorders Have Taught Me

Download PDF

A lecture by Dr. Beth Reade regarding experiences treating individuals affected by Concurrent Disorders.

Concurrent Disorder Program Overview

Download PDF

A lecture by Holly Raymond outlining the Concurrent Disorder program at St. Joseph’s hospital & McMaster University.

Impulsivity as a Risk Factor for Concurrent Disorders

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A lecture by James MacKillop, PhD, on the role of impulsivity in Concurrent Disorders