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My Story: Cynthia Foster

CynthiaCynthia Foster suffered from bulimia for many years as a young adult. In this video, she shares her difficulties and her unique recovery experience.

Like many, Cynthia’s battle with her eating disorder began in high school and continued throughout her university years, despite repeated attempts at recovery. Over the course of her illness, she was socially isolated and also suffered from depression and anxiety. The emotional trauma that she experienced left her with a “swiss cheese” memory – she has difficulty remembering this time in her life, and what she does remember, she finds it hard to place in a linear order.

Cynthia has now recovered by practicing self-love and acceptance with the assistance of therapists. She is now a copywriter for non-profit organizations and is excited to be getting married. Cynthia has also contributed to our Supportive Minds blog, click here to read more about her story.

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