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There are many anxiety sufferers who think that changing their diet is going to eliminate their anxiety condition. First of all, eating right is a good thing not just for anxiety sufferers, but for everyone. Having good eating habits is good for your overall heath. But when it comes to overcoming anxiety, you have to separate fact from fiction. You have to distinguish between anxiety -the condition, and anxiety symptoms- which are effects of the condition.

What you are suffering from is an invisible mental programming that we call anxiety, and this mental programming produces physical and emotional effects called anxiety symptoms. While a good diet can help to reduce the intensity of anxiety symptoms, it unfortunately cannot eliminate the real problem, which is your anxiety condition.

I have come across many websites that claim anxiety is caused by the food we eat. I disagree with this philosophy. Anxiety is not caused by your diet. This does not mean that the food you eat has no effect on anxiety; it does. But rather than causing anxiety, your diet can amplify the anxiety that’s already there. Yes, certain foods can increase the intensity of anxiety symptoms, but that’s as far as food goes when it comes to anxiety. For example, drinking alcohol when you are suffering from an anxiety condition can increase your symptoms and in many cases can even lead to panic attacks. This does not mean alcohol causes anxiety. It only means alcohol can make anxiety worse.

I have seen many people who eat very well, but they still struggle with anxiety. The only thing your diet can do is help you manage anxiety symptoms. There are certain types of foods that can increase anxiety symptoms and you should try your best to minimize or at least eliminate these foods until you have fully recovered from your anxiety.

About Tawanda Chirenda

Tawanda Chirenda is an anxiety-transformation and resilience-building coach, speaker and founder of The Willing Student Method, a program that helps individuals overcome anxiety, build resilience and live a happier, more purpose-filled life as a result. Although Tawanda is now a resilience-building coach, he came to it the long, hard way, through many years of struggling with anxiety, failure, and helplessness. At the age of 25, Tawanda was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder that drastically affected his normal functioning and everyday life. Through a willingness to learn, grow and change, Tawanda was able to successfully recover from this condition and regain his healthy and productive life. Tawanda has been fully recovered for more than 7 years now and he is a much stronger person than before. You can connect with Tawanda on Twitter and Facebook or visit his website, www.thewillingstudent.com, to learn more about his work.

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