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My usual posts are about my personal experiences – something I learned that I’m sharing to try to help you with. It may seem like I always have the solution to make things better, and that I am fully recovered and always happy, but I too have my ups and downs that everyone has.

This time of year is my “relapse time of year.” It’s the time period my depression started, and around the same time I relapsed. It’s when school gets more hectic, the weather is colder, there’s less daylight, and all of your friends are also busy with school so you have less of a social life. I’m extra cautious this time of year, and even if everything is going incredible in my life, I still feel like I’m walking on ice that can crack at any moment.

Recently, I had little periods of what I call downers. I think I just got over the most recent one, which got me a bit worried since it lasted about a week. I found myself easily triggered by what others said to me, and one comment could lead to tons of related memories and negative thoughts. I felt less motivated to do my school work and exercise, and I didn’t really feel like socializing much. I would be out with others, and would be thinking about wanting to be home in my bed. I would share with you how I get out of these downers, but to be honest I’m not too sure. Maybe it was with time and rest, or the fact that I talked about what was bothering me with my loved ones. Whatever worked, I’m really glad that those feelings have passed.

It’s completely normal to have these little downers every once in a while. It just becomes more of a problem when they start lasting longer and get in the way of your daily life, which is when more attention should be put on them.

About Elena B.

Elena is a 21 year-old college student, sales associate, and volunteer living with depression and generalized & social anxiety. Formally diagnosed with social anxiety in high school, Elena has struggled with it for the majority of her life. During her first year of university she experienced high levels of anxiety and had her first major depressive episode, which was followed by another the following year. Since then she has been recovered and focuses on her recovery daily. She currently runs a tumblr blog, where she shares inspirational quotes, images, and tips to help others with their recovery. Follow Elena’s story on HMC’s Supportive Minds Blog.

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