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Healthy Minds Canada has partnered with ECHOage to bring you a new way to spread mental health awareness.

ECHOage combines parties with charity in a unique effort to make party planning easier (both for hosts and guests) AND more meaningful.

ECHOage specializes in children’s birthday parties – one thing parents love about it is that not only do guests contribute to the charity of their choice, but they can also contribute towards one special present for the child if the host chooses.

They offer invitations, reminders, an online party management system and many more features to make your party a hit.

And best of all, it’s a completely FREE service.


Check out our charity page here and start planning your next party now. 


Priya Khalsa, mom of Aryan, shares her story about why she supports Healthy Minds Canada and ECHOage:

I have struggled with mental illness since I was a child and have been hospitalized several times since Aryan was born, most recently in March. I have been very open with my health struggles with Aryan in the hopes that he grows up with a better understanding and awareness of his own mental health.

We moved to Toronto last summer for me to start Law school at U of T. Aryan had never had a birthday party before and wanted to do something extra special for his first party in Toronto. We decided to have a party at Ripley’s Aquarium and Aryan chose to help others with mental illness simultaneously. He missed me a lot when I was in the hospital and hopes to keep advocating for mental health supports. His exact words: “I want to help other people like my mum feel better and healthier.” His first ever birthday party was a big success! The ECHOage concept is wonderful because children are able to learn the importance of charity and social justice while also getting 1 or 2 gifts that they really want (Aryan wanted tickets to the musical Matilda). 


See photos of past ECHOage parties!