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ACT! – Action, Commitment, Talking

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ACT! (Action, Commitment, Talking) is a program designed to educate, empower, and build resilience in children and youth regarding their mental health.  With creative workshops, games, activities, and speakers, ACT! aims to build resiliency and empower young people and to develop their skills and knowledge so that they become agents of change and champions of mental health within their communities.

We want to empower children and youth to not only take charge of their own mental health, but also so that they can develop the skills and knowledge to be meaningful and healthy agents of change and champions of mental health within their communities.

ACT! teaches children and youth how to take ownership of their mental health: how to ask for help, how to recognize signs of mental illness in both themselves and others, how to help others, and what action to take to get better and stay well.

ACT! fosters active participation in the community through multimedia workshops and breakout sessions, and provides resources so that they can become Youth Leaders.

ACT! events include full and half-day workshops, customized one-off events, and customized event series’ and take place in schools and community centers.

If you’d like to talk to us about hosting a workshop in your school or neighbourhood, please contact Chelsea at [email protected]

For sponsorship inquiries, please contact Katie at [email protected]

For a look at a recent ACT! workshop, please visit:

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