In the workplace, mental illness has reached crisis proportions. According to the World Health Organization, “when compared with all other diseases (such as cancer and heart disease), mental illness ranks first in terms of causing disability in the United States, Canada, and Western Europe … accounting for 25% of all disabilities.” 

The Solution

Early diagnosis and proper treatment are crucial to successful recoveries. If left untreated or misdiagnosed in the first six months, it leads to long-term mental and physical health problems.

Healthy Minds Canada has formed a partnership with Mensante so that we can offer you, our HMC community, exclusive access to FeelingBetterNow ®!

TheFeelingBetterNow® website is a collaborative mental health care program designed to help individuals identify emotional and mental health issues as early as possible.

This Website is completely confidential and anonymous. You will be asked to create your own user name and password and only you will have access to your username, password and individual feedback. No one will know that you accessed FeelingBetterNow® or how you responded to the program.

Within 20 minutes of entering the Website, you will have a preliminary assessment of your emotional and mental health. In the event that you are at high risk for a clinical disorder, you will be provided with a set of online tools to help you and your physician identify and treat emotional and mental health problems using Medical Best Practices. Your physician and you will receive:

A patient specific Risk Map indicating the severity of the condition;

A patient specific Care Map to assist them in the detection, treatment and follow up of your emotional and mental health problems; and

Follow up Maps every 3 weeks to be able to track your progress and recovery.

To get started, simply follow these simple instructions:

1. Click www.feelingbetternow.ca/hmc
2. Click “Create Account”
3. Type in a desired username and password
4. Skip the security questions and register.

From the logged in user dashboard, you can navigate through the site. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Rafi from FeelingBetterNow directly at: [email protected]

Helping people get the right diagnosis and treatment sooner leads to better outcomes for everyone. Employers see reduced absenteeism and replacement costs, fewer sick leave days and disability claims, and increased employee retention and productivity. Individuals and their families suffer less, get the help they need earlier, and return to a productive and better quality of life sooner.