About Kids Health: The Student Body

This non-profit provides information resources for children’s health. The student body is a teacher training module which has been developed to help teachers and parents know the causes of unhealthy diet, the factors affecting body image, and the prevention of unhealthy habits.

They focus on 6 different learning modules which include animated vignettes, videos, and background information for teachers and parents.

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Alberta Education: Supporting Every Student: Attention deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder

A website developed for educational practices which helps create inclusive learning experiences that ensure all students are successful. Alberta Education supports students, parents, teachers and administrators from Early Childhood Services (ECS) through Grade 12.

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Child Mind Institute: A Teachers Guide to OCD in the Classroom

A website designed to transform the lives of children with OCD within the classroom and to help deliver high-impact education and outreach programming

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Teen Mental Health

A website designed to share information about teen mental health and provide resources that can help to understand one’s own mental health and the mental health of loved ones.

This website has lots of resources, listed events, and engagement tools to improve mental health literacy in one’s community and to help change the conversation.

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The Teen Brain
A fabulous resource designed to explain facts about teen brains. It provides relevant presentations and video content which can help to gain further understanding.
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