As a non-profit, non-government funded organization, Healthy Minds Canada relies on donations from individuals and organizations in order to operate. When you give to the Healthy Minds Canada, you can rest assured that your donation is working hard, helping to create new hope for the mentally ill. Donations can be directed towards Healthy Minds Canada ‘s greatest needs, or you can request that donations and sponsorships be designated towards specific projects like general research, a specific research topic (e.g., PTSD, Depression, Schizophrenia, etc.), or our educational activities – like our When Something’s Wrong handbooks and conferences.

Some of the ways that an individual can donate include:

1. Annual Giving
Cash, cheque, Visa, Mastercard, American Express can be used, or join our monthly pre-authorized donation program. Online donations can be made immediately by going to the “Donate Now!” section of this Web site, or if you prefer, you may download and print our donor card which can be completed and mailed to us. Please remember not to send sensitive information, such as credit card numbers through email.

2. Gifts-In-Kind
Gifts of art, stocks, bonds, real estate, and securities can also be made. There are significant tax advantages to donating securities. Please call the Healthy Minds Canada office to determine gift eligibility at 416-351-7757 or 1-800-915-2773 (toll-free).

3. Memorial Donations
Gifts can be made to Healthy Minds Canada in memory of a loved one. A letter acknowledging your gift will be sent to the loved one’s family and you will receive a tax creditable receipt and the knowledge that your gift will be helping others.

4. Bequests
These are “deferred gifts”, directed to Healthy Minds Canada by you and described in your will. Bequests represent an important source of future income. Healthy Minds Canada’s endowment fund originated when a donor named Healthy Minds Canada in her will. She wanted her estate to fund the kind of psychiatric research that Healthy Minds Canada performs.

5. Life Insurance
By naming Healthy Minds Canada the owner and beneficiary of a life insurance policy, you will realize favourable tax advantages at a reasonable cost, while making a tremendous gift to psychiatric research.

6. Charitable Annuities
In this case, a gift of capital is used to make an outright donation to Healthy Minds Canada and to purchase an annuity from a recognized commercial institution. You would then receive a potentially tax-free annual income and immediate gift receipt based on the outright donation and return of capital.

7. Charitable Remainder Trusts (CRT)
A trust is structured to provide an income stream for named beneficiaries. The donor is eligible for a gift receipt which may be credited against tax on current income. A CRT, in this case, is a settlement of property where you retain a life interest in the property, but make an irrevocable gift of the remainder interest to Healthy Minds Canada.

Tax credible receipts will be issued for all eligible donations.

For a detailed information package with a complete menu of options and possibilities for both individuals and corporations, please fill out the following information, and we would be happy to send you more information. Of course, you can always call the Healthy Minds Canada office as well at 416-351-7757, or toll-free, at 1-800-915-2773 to speak to someone directly.