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Since the time of my last blog post, things have really changed. Many people aren’t happy with the outcome of the United States Presidential Election. I’m not an American, but I do feel for those individuals who are and who have to deal with the outcome of this particular decision. People of color, women, the LGBTQ community, and people with disabilities are now at a distinct disadvantage in the United States. I’ve never been so glad to be Canadian, but I’m also concerned as to what this monumental event also means for Canada as a country.

It’s tough having to deal with circumstances outside of your control. Something can happen in an instant, and change your life – for better or for worse. I fractured a bone in my right hand recently, and am writing this blog post using text-to-speech software. That’s why this post will likely be shorter than usual. I’ll have to wear a cast for 4 to 6 weeks, and get used to doing things with only one fully functional hand. This isn’t ideal, but I’ll get through it.

It’s easy to see that things haven’t worked out as planned, get frustrated, and just give up. However much I may plan and prepare for my future, things will just happen that I won’t have anticipated and I’ll just have to adjust. That’s life. I’ll just have to cope as best I can.

In 4 to 6 weeks, I’ll hopefully be fully healed and fully functional once more. This struggle is only temporary. I will persevere, and get through it. For those individuals in circumstances that will take longer to overcome, please persist and don’t give up. Even in seemingly terrible times, there will still be pockets of light and resistance that strive to make the world a better place. Don’t throw in the towel when everything seems bleak. Find a way to push forward.

It may seem simpler to just give up, but in doing so you give those individuals and circumstances that wronged you more power over your life. I lived in residence during the second year of my undergraduate degree at York University. Initially, I enjoyed living apart from my family and being more independent. My experience was unfortunately spoiled by my roommate, who was fairly inconsiderate and honestly didn’t care that she was living with another person. I ended up moving out and living at home again before the fall semester was even over. Thankfully, the resident staff at York University eventually saw that the situation I was in was inequitable. I ended up being able to break the residence contract I signed for the entire academic year with limited penalties. I pushed through, and eventually graduated with an undergraduate degree this past fall. This wouldn’t have happened if I had let one selfish, inconsiderate person completely crush my desire to be in university.

So many things in my life would not have occurred if I just given up when things got tough, so I won’t give up now. I wouldn’t be writing this blog post if I had just given up. Even injured, I feel that I have something to offer the world, and I have to keep believing that.

So keep fighting. Even when you’re tired, keep fighting. Even when other people have given up, keep fighting. Keep pushing for what you believe in. It’s when you give up that selfish, inconsiderate people truly win and dominate. I have a lot of privilege, but even I am not immune to life’s difficulties. Sometimes things will just happen, and your entire perception of the world shifts. You see things differently, but it’s best not to be too pessimistic. You don’t know what will happen next, so it’s best to take things one day at a time.


About Anna Dinissuk

Anna Dinissuk graduated from York University in June 2016 with a BA Honours in Psychology. She's now pursuing an MEd in Developmental Psychology & Education at OISE/the University of Toronto. Anna enjoys writing poetry, going on walks, snuggling with her cat, and playing Candy Crush Saga.

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