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Thank you for your contribution to our campaign.

Next steps for the HMC game:

In April 2014, Healthy Minds Canada launched a crowdfunding campaign with a goal of raising money and awareness about our first in a planned series of fun mobile games designed to improve empathy and teach coping skills around mental health issues in youth ages 9-16.

Our campaign closed at 11:59pm on May 1st.  Thanks to your generosity, HMC raised $5,757 ($450 in donations were made by cheque), which covered the costs of developing the prototype.  It’s not a secret that this is not quite the amount that we had hoped to raise.  However, we were thrilled with the amount of support we got from you in the form of blog and article posts about our game, page views, tweets and re-tweets, and Facebook posts, shares and likes.

Have a look at our numbers:

1,681 Unique Indiegogo Page Hits (5,594 total)
4,400 people e-mailed
470 Tweets & 420 Facebook Shares resulted in 483 Social Media Referrals
65 people donated a total of $5,757
(2 people donated at total of $450 via cheques)

While HMC was busy promoting this campaign, our developers, Mojility, were busy building a “game within a game” called The DistractinatorTM.  It’s designed to promote focusing on a single given task, which may help people with a variety of mental health issues (ADHD, Anxiety, Depression) who often find external stimuli easily distract them.  In this app, the user is must focus on a particular stimulus (a shape) while disregarding other external stimuli (other shapes). It will be available on the iTunes store and Google Play for free; HMC will provide a link to it once it is available. While we work on finding funding for our Anti-Bullying game, we’d like to offer you this game as a thank you for supporting our campaign.

HMC is still committed to provide a safe, online tool that facilitates a process of thinking about situations and experiences that can help the user explore, learn, build resilience, and become a responsible, compassionate citizen in their off-line lives and over the next few months, we will be reaching out to potential partners and sponsors for our first game.


Thank you to all of our donors. Click here to be redirected to our Donor Wall for this project.

Why Healthy Minds Canada is entering the Mobile Game space:

Many of you know that HMC hosts pan-Canada Youth Summits and, over the past five years, results have clearly shown that young people are very eager to talk about and learn about mental health issues.  At these summits, youth learn from other youth that it’s OK to talk about mental health issues and that asking for help is not a sign of weakness.  But we have also learned that it can be difficult to apply such teachings into their own lives.

So we decided to create something that can combine a teen’s passive coping skills – such as tuning out and playing video games – with active coping skills which include learning strategies that help actively process the physical and emotional stress that is part of life.

HMC understands that young people have smart phones, use them constantly, and love games!  And games can provide a safe environment where it is OK to make mistakes and explore options while seeking solutions to a variety of challenges teens and young adults face in their daily lives.

Our games will be designed to help teach users what it feels like to have a mental illness – thereby improving empathy, ways of coping if they do have one, and tips and suggestions for healthier living.

In short, Healthy Minds Canada is still committed to finding and providing innovative ways to help young people learn about, and live with, mental illness.

Contact us about HMC’s games:

Technical Questions: Stacey Vetzal – stacey[at]http://healthymindscanada.ca
Other inquiries: Katie W. Robinette – krobinette[at]http://healthymindscanada.ca

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