HMC Game – Our Donor Wall

hmc-shot-thanksA huge thank you from Healthy Minds Canada to those who contributed to our Indiegogo fundraiser in 2014 to create our first mental health game. Thanks to donations from individuals listed below, Healthy Minds Canada was able to fund the development of a prototype for an anti-bullying game, as well as the complete development of a smaller game called The Distractinator.
(Anonymous donors are not listed)

HMC Game Project Donors:

Abell, Martin
Acance, Ana Marie
Bassi, Deepak
Brasch, Jennifer S.
Chhetri, N. Khatri
Daly, Jennifer
Gravel, Sylvio A.
Guest, Alexandra
Gupta, Rohit
Hardwick, Mark
Heffernan, Olivia

Humphries, Peter
Janz, Dawn
Johnson, Mark
Keller, Simon
Kessel, Jeff Van
Kirkham, Sharon
Lane, Rachel
Marshall, Patrick
Moeck, Sheila
Morrison, Geoffrey
Murariu, Madi

Obuhowich, Richard
O’Neill, Lori Zucchiatti
Pearsall, Marc
Pearsall, Marny
Peters, Elaine B.
Portal-Stanley, Eliette
Quesnel, B.B.
Robinette, Alison
Robinette, Julie
Robinette, Katie W.
Robinette, Michael

Russel, Martha S.
Smith, Jeff & Jonna
Vanstone, Elizabeth
Vetzal, Stacey
Waurick, Meg
Webster, Evan
Wesley-Esquimaux, Cynthia
Wexler, Mitch
White, Christopher
Wilson, Joseph B.
Worden, Craig