HMC game – FAQ

For all questions relating to making a contribution to HMC’s Indiegogo campaign, please click here to visit Indiegogo’s Contributor Basics Page.

I forgot to include extra money for shipping for my physical perk, how do I add that?

Don’t worry – we’ll take care of those costs ourselves!

I’ve moved, how can I change the address that my perk will be shipped to?

Healthy Minds Canada will send you an email survey to request any information we need to deliver you and your fellow backers’ rewards.  Survey questions may include shipping address, size, color or other project-specific preferences.

I need to cancel my pledge…. I’m short on cash and need a refund, what do I do?

By pledging, you are committing to supporting that person’s project; canceling that commitment is discouraged. If you must cancel, visit the project page and click “Manage Your Pledge.” At the bottom of the next page you’ll see the “Cancel Pledge” button.

*Note – there are no “refunds.” Once the campaign is over the charges are transferred to the creator and it is final.  If you must cancel your pledge do so AT LEAST TWO DAYS before the end of the campaign, before your card has been charged.

I missed the campaign.  How/where/when can I buy the game?

The game will be offered for free through iTunes and Google Play.

Can I interview you for my blog?

Sure! Send an email to [email protected]:// and we’ll get in touch with you.

For additional, Kickstarter-related questions, visit their FAQ page.