New module just launched!

The Canadian Institute of Child Health offers a new report and module about immigrant children and youth called: Health Profile on Immigrant and Refugee Children and Youth in Canada and it is now live on their Profile website!

Some background

There are nearly 1 million immigrant children and youth living in Canada, making up roughly 10% of Canada’s children and youth. Overall they fare well – a greater proportion of immigrant youth report being in good physical and mental health and having a strong sense of belonging to their community compared to their Canadian born counterparts.

report-youthDespite this, life is not easy for all immigrant children and youth in Canada. Roughly 10% have been diagnosed with a mood disorder and nearly 25% report not having a strong sense of belonging to their community. These are among the challenges that prevent immigrant children and youth from living the high quality of life that is possible in Canada. Other health and social challenges are described in this module along with helpful statistics.

Their module brings to light the need for public health initiatives to help reduce the prevalence of health issues faced by newcomers. It also highlights the need for care and service providers to understand the cultural differences, emotions and challenges that these children and youth will likely face and the importance of offering support and guidance.