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Junior Achievement Canada helps high school students learn real-world business skills through their Company Program. Students are able to set up their own company, and some JA companies choose to support charities as part of their initiatives!

These JA Companies are supporting Healthy Minds Canada, so please help to support us by supporting them!


Bliss is a Junior Achievement company of 27 incredibly hardworking entrepreneurial high school students. We aim to create positive change in the community by promoting positive thinking with our positive mindset journal, “INK Positive”. INK Positive is an interactive journal jam-packed with a variety of positive thinking prompts, recipes, puzzles, and colouring pages – all in one book. Our product has “engaging” and “fun” written all over in every page. Unlike regular journals, ours does not require you to follow a journaling schedule; whenever you’re looking for a source of positivity, our journal allows you to flip to any page and jumpstart your journey to relaxation. Its convenient size makes it very travel-friendly, allowing you to relieve stress wherever you go and wherever you are. We are committed to the cause of promoting positive mental health; we’ve partnered with Healthy Minds Canada, an organization supporting the research of mental health addiction and illness; and we’ve created a product aimed to help our readers relieve stress.

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Spark Logo (2)Sparks

Sparks is a Junior Achievement Company that is composed of a group of highly motivated, focused and committed high school students with diverse skills and experiences. Our product came about as a result of our experience as high school students, namely our workload and resulting stress levels. We decided to create a kit that enables people to combat stress in a multi-faceted way.  At Sparks, We promote mental wellness and self-care by enabling consumers to de-stress in convenience.” We believe that a company can be both profitable and socially responsible.  This is why we have committed to volunteer 1 hour at Healthy Minds Canada for each kit we sell.