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Did you ever use illicit drugs?  Did you ever smoke crack cocaine?  Are you an alcoholic?  Tell the truth Rob Ford so society can hang you from a tree and whip you with a hard stick.  You should be ashamed of yourself.  How dare you have an addiction problem.  That makes you a horrible dishonorable bad person that we no longer like and will now ridicule. Tearing you apart shred by shred like a bunch of animals with a new kill.

Wasn’t it society that chose to make one of the most dangerous addictive drugs (alcohol) out there legal?  Isn’t it society that is contemplating making another addictive drug (marijuana) legal?  How ironic.  Society will choose to make addictive drugs legal and then ridicule and condemn those most vulnerable that have the life’s misfortune of becoming addicted.  If society truly believed an understood that addiction is a disease, then why are there so many accidents and deaths related to drinking and driving?  Does society truly understand the disease renders the addict from choice, leaving them blind to logic and the ability to make rational decisions while intoxicated?  I don’t believe so.

Pick up any newspaper, watch the news, etc., and you will see the stigma everywhere.  If society truly believed that addiction was a disease (which there is now ample scientific evidence of) then why is there still so much misunderstanding and gross stigmatization about the disease?  Where does it all end?

When celebrities enter rehab and get the help they need why it is society attacks them as weak, selfish, and ‘crazy’ instead of applauding them for recognizing that they need help and have chosen to get the help they need?  It’s a twisted world.  We need to pull together and unwind the years of gross stigmatization in order to stop the continuation of society choosing to sit back and watch others die or get “locked up” because they have become addicted to a drug that society chose to make legal in the first place!

About Carole Eastman

Carole is an addiction counselor whose passion is to provide support to others suffering from the disease of addiction and mental health disorders. In recovery from alcoholism for over 6 years, Carole understands the barriers and challenges many face in order to achieve a better quality of life which we are all so deserving of. Carole has raised three children as a single mother and after many years of struggling now enjoys living life on life’s terms. You can connect with her on LinkedIn, and follow her story on HMC’s Supportive Minds Blog.

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