It’s incredible how despite how low one can feel the mind can always bounce back. There were days I have felt so depressed that I just didn’t have any motivation but I have somehow always been able to pull myself up and do what needed to be done.  In life we can be so bombarded by stress and anxiety it can feel like we have come to the edge of a cliff, and we can either plummet into a nervous breakdown or somehow regain focus and mentally recover. I know I have come close to that edge before but have managed to avoid completely going over. This has been possible by always finding time for solidarity and self reflection.  When I am feeling overwhelmed by life I like to go into my room and try to forget everything. A personal space for sanctuary is very important for anyone who struggles with mental health.  When we self-reflect or write about what we are feeling it gives a sense of validity to everything that we experience in life. For myself, writing this blog has given a sense of meaning to things which I have found challenging, and from the feedback I have received from people reading it, it has helped them to feel less alone in their own mental issues.

In addition to taking personal time I would also like to mention how self satisfying it has been participating in personal training. Over the last six months I have noticed amazing results and it has made me feel so much better physically and mentally. Having control over one’s physical health is an important strategy in developing a stronger self image. Having personally struggled with self-confidence for many years  it is nice to feel empowered over my own well being.   The constant calorie counting can be annoying at times  but when I look a the bigger picture it has been worth it. I am proud of the things I have done to help combat depression such as physical training and also participating in improvisation classes. There are many ways we as individuals can take control of our lives, and having the confidence to say, “I can do this” makes all the difference.

About Mark Rob

Mark Fraser is a 30 year old man who has lived with depression, anxiety and obsessive thought for much of his adult life. Since coming out as gay in high school he's had difficulty relating to others in his community and has experienced self-doubt and a pensive outlook for his future. Mark moved to Toronto in 2012 and has become involved in Second City Improvisation classes as well as personal training in order to maintain his physical and mental health. He has expressed interest in blogging with Healthy Minds as a means of reaching out to others who feel isolated and as a way to express himself in a positive space. You can connect with Mark on Twitter or Facebook.

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