An important notice - Healthy Minds Canada has merged with Jack.org, the only Canadian charity training and empowering young leaders to revolutionize mental health. As of March 1 2018, all HealthyMindsCanada.ca visitors will be redirected to Jack.org. Please sign up to keep up to date with Jack.org’s activities.

Our Vision:

To support the journey to a healthy mind.

Our Mission:

To empower Canadians to take charge of their mental health by helping them identify issues early and navigating them to resources to achieve healthy outcomes faster.

Our Mandate:

  1. To develop approaches to support the early identification of mental health issues
  2. To connect those in need to the most effective support available and help them understand and evaluate treatment options
  3. To identify and build the most effective methods of reaching and interacting with Canadians regarding their mental health
  4. To ensure that the impact of all programs and outcomes delivered are evaluated and steps are taken to continuously improve the services offered
  5. To develop a long-term, sustainable financial plan
  6. To develop the capabilities (people, processes, technology) to deliver HMC’s objectives and effectively scale to serve all Canadians touched by mental health issues
  7. To own a differentiated product or service to ensure HMC’s offerings stand out and add value in a crowded marketplace

To meet our mandate, we partner with Mensante to offer FeelingBetterNow, an online comprehensive mental healthcare program designed to help individuals identify emotional and mental health issues as early as possible.

To learn more about FeelingBetterNow, click here.

Our Values:

  • Mental health is integral to overall well-being
  • The hope of recovery from mental health issues is available to all
  • Stigma should not be tolerated and people living with mental health issues should be treated with dignity and fairness
  • Research on mental health and mental health issues is essential to improve the lives of all persons including those already living with mental health issues
  • Collaboration, inclusiveness, and communication with stakeholders is essential for the success of HMC