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A few years ago, I volunteered at a local mental health service conference called the Hope Conference. It was run by the local Family Support Network, which just so happens to be run by my mother. The conference was about nutrition and naturopathy.  Many cities have local businesses that offer a variety of alternative medicine, and you don’t have to spend large amounts of money going to different doctors to get results. There are some things that you can do in the privacy of your own home that can have a substantial effect on reducing stress. I have a few routines that I do on a daily basis to reduce my anxiety.

I take epsom salt baths every day. Epsom salt has been around for a long time and is used for many different reasons. I use it for my back pain – I have a back disease and I also had a bad accident that injured my back even more. The stress from the pain was unbearable. When I was disgnosed with BPD, the amount of stress I was feeling doubled and I was in tears asking my doctor to help me with the pain. He recommended I try epsom salt baths. I didn’t listen to him at the time but that day at the Hope Conference I learned more about it. One 15-minute bath every day and my stress was gone or reduced.

When things get really tough I smudge. It’s a native aboriginal tradition to get rid of any negative energy surrounding you and to pray for things in life. When I first started doing it I instantly felt different afterwards. I read up on why this works and learned that smudging accesses the limbic part of the brain, which is responsible for emotion, motivation, adrenaline flow and sense of smell. The ceremony of burning sage around yourself and your house is supposed to remove the negative energy in and around you, correcting and replenishing the positive energy. If you are a spiritual person like me then you will feel the effects immediately. I recently experienced the true difference by moving into a new home. I could really feel this damp, cold energy downstairs, but after I smudged the property it feels light as a cloud in my home now.


So now that I have shared my personal routines I would like to give you a list of different alternative medicines that I have listed on my website. You can click on each item to learn more about it.

Alternative medicines include:

  1. Herbs, teas
  2. Multi- vitamins
  3. Exercise – Tai Chi, Yoga
  4. Acupuncture
  5. Meditation
  6. Spirituality
  7. Biofeedback – brain signals
  8. Aromatherapy
  9. Qigong
  10. Acupressure
  11. Homeopathy
  12. Massage Therapy
  13. Therapeutic touch
  14. EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) 
  15. Bowen Therapy
  16. Hyperfrontality
  17. Chromotherapy (Colour therapy) 
  18. Smudging

I am sure there are far more that I haven’t listed but these are the ones I learned about at the Hope Conference, a day I will never forget because it has changed my life and stress level forever. There is much more out there other than pharmaceutical medications. Don’t give up if you’re not quite getting everything you need from your doctor. Prescription medication does help in a lot of cases, but when it comes to getting true inner soul relief sometimes you have to look beyond the pill bottle and open yourself up to things outside of your comfort zone. Alternative medicine has taught me that I can stop to take a deep breath and really take in what the issue is when I’m struggling, and to check in with myself on a daily basis to see how I’m truly feeling. Sometimes the answer to your problem is hiding right in front of you in one of the last places you ever would have looked!


About Natasha Sinclair

With every recovery, there's a story to be told. Especially with Mental illness. Some of the most remarkable recovery stories come from these individuals. I am one of them. I'm a successful 33 year old Pastry Chef, but I'm also diagnosed Borderline Personality Disorder, Anxiety Disorder and Addictions Disorder as of 8 years ago. I want to talk about the many aspects of recovery. For years now I have devoted myself to my BPD Website, local guest speaking and a volunteer for local Mental Health events. I would like to share information I have gathered about BPD through experience and research. Positive and hopeful information on BPD is scarce in social media today and should be brought to the forefront like other Mental Illnesses. I would like to offer information both scientifically and medically I have found through research that may clear the air a little bit on Borderline. I feel this needs to be done more. The many different facts that I have discovered relating to human emotions and behavior are mind opening, which are key components to think about when journeying into recovery.

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