stigma_laptopDeveloped in partnership with the University of Toronto’s Health Strategy Innovation Cell, BlackDot, RBC, and leading Canadian experts on child and adolescent mental health, HMC’s web-based tool is an interactive program that will help parents and caregivers find reliable information on different mental health issues, recommendations on how to manage these issues, shared strategies from other parents and peers, and incorporate strategies from other parents and peers into their own care plan.

This highly dynamic and personalized tool provides recommendations and strategies that are endorsed by internationally renowned clinicians, all through an accessible online profile. The tool allows users to build a personalized list of coping strategies, resources, and select anonymous peer examples, specific to the behavioural characteristics identified in the child’s profile*. The information on this website is based on our When Something’s Wrong: Ideas for Families handbooks.

Visit to launch our online tool and to get started.

*This online tool is still in its beta-testing stage. Please report any bugs, issues, or concerns to admin[at]

Please be assured that no profile you create will be publicly viewable and all information is confidential.  Furthermore, our privacy policy is available on the site.

Developed in partnership with:

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