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Plan with HMC partnershipPositively Pink

Healthy Minds Canada has agreed to partner with 4th Monkey Media to combine resources to get funding for Positively Pink – an online anti-bullying educational module embedded within an awesome and fun game designed to engage, teach, empower, and excite children.

Through building HMC’s own game prototype and running our crowdfunding campaign (THANK YOU!), we came across 4th Monkey’s game, Positively Pink, and felt an instant synergy. As those of you who followed our campaign know, research shows that bullying is often a contributing cause of anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, and even suicide – especially in young people.

The primary focus of Positively Pink is to educate youth on the dangers of bullying and offer them coping skills while teaching them to be accepting of their peers through an intelligent and challenging game. Like our prototype, the game is designed to empower youth and raise empathy. Unlike our prototype, Positively Pink serves as a mobile and interactive tool that teachers can tie into their lesson plans along with materials such as talking points and discussion topics.

Positively Pink deploys anti-bullying cinematics to engage users while playing (and thereby taking the anti-bullying course). Players will encounter role-playing scenarios where they witness and experience examples of bullying and challenges requiring the user to make often difficult choices. Characters within the game with include other children, parent figures, teachers, and other adult and authority figures. Due to the game being designed for classroom use, teachers will be represented to compel the player to learn how a school’s staff factors into the anti-bullying cause.Plan with HMC partnership-2

Life-Skills Based Education

Interpersonal Communication Skills

  • Verbal/Nonverbal communication
  • Active listening
  • Expressing feelings; giving feedback

Negotiation/Refusal Skills

  • Negotiation and conflict management
  • Assertiveness skills
  • Refusal skills


  • Ability to listen and understand another’s needs and circumstances and express that understanding

Cooperation and Teamwork

  • Expressing respect for others’ contributions and different styles
  • Assessing one’s own abilities and contributing to the group

Advocacy Skills

  • Influencing skills & persuasion
  • Networking and motivation skills
  • Decision-making and critical thinking skills

Decision Making/Problem Solving Skills

  • Information gathering skills
  • Evaluating future consequences of present actions for self and others
  • Determining alternative solutions to problems
  • Analysis skills regarding the influence of values and attitudes of self and others on motivation

Positively Pink Overview


  • Open-World Action-Adventure, Life Skills Based Education Game


  • PC Browser Based (Unity)

Design Objectives

  • High quality resource and educational materials
  • Reducing aggressive behaviour by teaching anti-bullying strategies
  • Increase resistance to victimization by teaching conflict avoidance
  • Build self-esteem and confidence through education and empowerment
  • Build a strong school spirit


  • Single Player Mode


  • E for Everyone

Game Scope

  • Single player story driven mission based mode with 4 hours core gameplay
  • 4-6 hours of additional content bolstering the game experience

Player Motivation

  • When implemented with high quality, Life Skills based education results in engaged learners achieving quality and educational outcomes. LSBE also contributes to a safe, inclusive, child-friendly learning environment.

Online security is assured via private URLs played directly from a dedicated server, registered access codes (de-activated upon course completion), and restricted access.

For more information, contact:

Katie W. Robinette, Executive Director, Healthy Minds Canada
Follow Katie on Twitter
Phone: 416-351-7757 ext. 24

Kirsten Tomilson, President & CEO, 4th Monkey Media
Follow Kirsten on Twitter
Phone: 902-221-8920


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