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Below you’ll find a list of current research grant opportunities offered by HMC and its partners.

Healthy Minds Canada – Pfizer Canada Research Award 2014

Download information package (PDF)

Eligible Areas of Research: The focus of your research proposal must be in line with any of the following areas of research:

  • Research related to workplace productivity, absenteeism, and/or presenteeism in patients with depression
  • Research assessing strategies to minimize depression relapse in the workplace
  • Exploring links between depression and comorbidities (e.g. generalized anxiety disorder, metabolic syndrome, etc.)
  • Research exploring strategies or innovative approaches to minimize the incidence of/mitigate the risks for depression in the workplace
  • Research assessing the optimization of treatment in first episode depression and level of functional improvement in the workplace

About funding: This award (grant) is up to $50,000. Award funds are intended to be operating grants and must contribute towards the direct costs of the research program or project for which the funds are granted. Please note that the budget must be inclusive of institutional overhead where applicable; this amount shall not exceed 20% of the grant application budget. Please note that applicants may not receive a salary, a stipend, or an honorarium from the Pfizer Psychiatry Research Award.

For more information about the HMC/Pfizer Psychiatry Research Awards Program, please write to [email protected]

The deadline for application for this grant is October 1st, 2014.

Click here to apply for the HMC/Pfizer 2014 Research Award Grant



Focus on Current Research Projects

Imagine the future free of mental illness. By investing in HMC and the best research from nationwide competitions, you are investing in the brightest research minds across Canada and the minds of the millions of Canadians affected by mental health issues. Communities, families, and future generations benefit from every dollar invested as each day we find better treatments and services in all areas of mental health.

Since 1980, HMC has funded over 400 research projects at 42 teaching hospitals and universities across Canada and has launched the careers of many new investigators who are now internationally renowned scientists and clinicians.

With further research, we can save more lives. We would like to thank our many donors for supporting HMC research and invite others to join our efforts. Please see the following summaries of HMC funded research; research that has built a strong foundation for further investigation and investment.

In 2008, HMC directed over $500,000 towards our existing peer-reviewed research projects exploring cures and better treatments to support the one in five Canadians affected by mental illness. These projects include studies into addiction, autism, depression and obsessive compulsive disorder. This research is being conducted at universities, teaching hospitals and research institutes nation wide.

For more information about Healthy Minds Canada, please contact:

Katie Robinette
Executive Director
Healthy Minds Canada
Telephone: (416) 351-7757 Ext. 24
E-mail: [email protected]://healthymindscanada.ca