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Taking Charge

Pathways to Owning Your Mental Health

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Healthy Minds Canada has created a new national program designed to help people with mental illnesses and addictions TAKE CHARGE of their own mental health.

For our Inaugural event, Healthy Minds Canada partnered with the University of Toronto Scarborough Campus (UTSC) on June 20th for a one day conference on Schizophrenia to learn about and discuss possible treatment options, medication management, care team communication, peer support, recovery, wellness and mindfulness.

Taking Charge was a great success – just look at some of the results from an attendee survey we did a full 6 months AFTER the event:

  • 100% said that they told friends, family members and/or colleagues about the conference
  • 50% shared something about the conference on social media
  • 61% of attendees said they learned something at the event that they applied to their own lives
  • 55% of attendees said they passed along information they learned at the event to someone else
  • 33% of attendees reached out to a presenter after the event was over

 It’s clear that Taking Charge had an effect on attendees’ lives!

Top actions they reported taking after the event are:

  • Talk to a family member about their mental health concerns
  • Speak out and educate others about mental health
  • Make changes to my diet and/or fitness routine
  • Follow-up online for additional information about something I learned today
  • Become more active on social media and post about mental health
  • Have more self-awareness when caring for someone

“Taking Charge was a reminder of the importance of so many things – hope, talking, [and] keep learning.” – Taking Charge attendee

If you would like to host a #TakingCharge conference in your city, please e-mail Katie Robinette at krobinette[at]http://healthymindscanada.ca and put #TakingCharge in the subject line.

Additional videos and our event photos can be found by clicking on the presentation and media tabs at the top.

Recovery from Mental Illness

    “Recovery is a process, a way of life, an attitude, and a way of approaching the day’s challenges. It is not a perfectly linear process. At times our course is erratic and we falter, slide back, regroup and start again… The need is to meet the challenge of the disability and to re-establish a new and valued sense of integrity and purpose within and beyond the limits of the disability; the aspiration is to live, work and love in a community in which one makes a significant contribution.”

— Pat Deegan, PhD, person in recovery from serious mental illness

To many people in the addictions and mental health space, “recovery” is a term restricted to substance use conditions. However, there has been growing recognition that it also applies to mental health.

People diagnosed with all mental health conditions, including schizophrenia, can and do recover and live full, meaningful lives – given their own individual “right mix” of medication, peer and community supports and professional services.

About Taking Charge

Founding Partner

A patient’s understanding of their medications is vital to a satisfactory patient experience and treatment follow through. According to the American College of Preventive Medicine , only 35% of patients knew the side effects of their medication; up to 50% of patients leave their doctor’s offices not knowing what they were told; and, even worse, almost 90% have trouble following advice on taking medications properly and getting important tests. Clearly, communication between the caregiver delivering the medication and the patient who receives it must improve.

Our goal is to foster the dialogue between community-based organizations, national organizations, individuals with lived experience, and treatment providers by educating and empowering Canadians to better understand their own mental health and wellness treatment options.

Taking Charge promotes the hope and promise that people can and do recover from even the most serious mental health conditions when they are provided a full array of both treatment and recovery supports.