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Healthy Minds Canada, is proud to support the launch of There for You, an app that promotes mutual help and mindful conversations among friends and families.

Most health and lifestyle apps focus on the well-being of their users. Sometimes, however, we want to help not just ourselves but also the people around us: we want to spend quality time with our friends, show our family that we care for them, and help our loved ones deal with their everyday issues.

There for You is a quiz game encouraging you to ask those important questions you’re never sure how or when to raise. It is a simple social experiment, a fun way to break away from everyday conversations and engage in mindful conversations with the people we love. Some of the questions featured in the A.I.-powered app are for deepening bonds, others are designed to help deal with specific mental health issues, such as stress, depression, and low self-esteem.

Katie W. Robinette, Executive Director at Healthy Minds Canada, says “A key part of our mission is to empower people of all ages to take charge of their mental health, and that includes teaching them how to talk about their mental health concerns with their friends and families. We’re very excited to support projects such as There for You that help make it easier for people to open up about their feelings and reduce stigma around mental illnesses.”

Lyralen Kaye, queer arts activist and founder of the Another Country association says: “I was very happy to contribute to the There for You app, and to create a section about embracing people’s differences, whatever they might be. I believe that dialogue and self-expression are essential to building your own identity, and this is particularly true for members of the LGBTQ community who might not always feel accepted.”

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