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“Well, well, well…if it isn’t Michael Mitchell. And he’s still alive.”

If my bipolar mood disorder could talk, what a tale it would tell.  As if the combination of a post-traumatic stress disorder,  an obsessive compulsive disorder, an attention deficit hyperactivity disorder—on top of all the irritability, impulsiveness, hyper-sexuality, alcoholism and drug addictions—weren’t enough to kill a man, “it” has been making attempts on my life since I was a kid.

Knowing that over the last two years I’ve identified these sometime “attackers, assailants and adversaries,” and understand how they operate, perhaps it’s surprising that I haven’t opted to kill them all, especially at times when the self-sacrifice has been incredibly tempting. Instead, I’ve chosen to live with “it” and work with “them;” without antidepressants or antipsychotics, as if the one ounce of satisfaction I have is that I’ve done enough drugs for one lifetime.

Even with all the embarrassment, misfortune, and regular descents into varying depths of depression which have drowned my dreams and crushed my confidence, this Michael Mitchell has some nerve.  Through prayer, education, exercise, nutrition, cognitive behavioural therapy, psychotherapy, and keeping a relatively steady sleep-wake cycle, I am progressing.

Somehow I’ve separated my conditions and addictions from my character and personality. Somehow I have faith, hope, and love thanks to all that I’ve been through and despite all that I know…

“—Somehow he believes he understands how his brain works, and how all the variables factor into his best and worst behaviour; to the point that he’s actually trying to educate and inspire others?!?  As if this is his calling in life regardless of how he feels on any given day. Not only is he alive but he believes he’s the best he’s ever been—and without being manic about it?!?  LOL! This is going to be interesting…”

About Mickey Von Bron

Mickey Von Bron is a certified personal trainer who specializes in nutrition, supplements and natural methods of improving health and wellness. Having experienced and overcome many obstacles associated with mental health and addiction, he is committed to inspiring people through his own example. His first book, Drug Free June: A Hypomanic Episode, is soon to be published. You can read some of Mickey’s other writing about mental health at AliveAndAwake.ca and Light Way of Thinking.