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Handbook Project History

“Nowhere is the need more acute for rational, scientifically sound and clearly presented information appropriately delivered, than in the arena of youth mental health promotion.”

– Dr. Stan Kutcher, Medical Advisor for Healthy Minds Canada’s Youth Project

The increasing numbers of children and youth with mental health issues is an alarming trend. To highlight this point, a Secondary School Mental Health Screening Project pilot, funded by Healthy Minds Canada, found that 18.2% of the 5,500 students screened were at risk for psychiatric disorders. Another study, released by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto, shows that one in three youth has already reported some form of impaired mental health.

For a number of years, Healthy Minds Canada’s Education Committee had offered school programs for parents, teachers and students wanting to learn more about mental health issues and about related behaviours they did not understand. It was through this work that the committee learned of the need for concrete reference guides on mental disorders that contained strategies for coping, as well as additional resources for teachers, parents and others working with young people.

To answer this need, the committee recruited a group of parents, educators, social workers, school psychologists, in-take coordinators, school administrators and psychiatrists for a project called When Something’s Wrong.

Thanks to our lead sponsor, the CIBC Children’s Foundation, the Alice and Murray Maitland Foundation, and partners from across North America, the teacher and family version of HMC’s When Something’s Wrong handbooks offer new chapters on concurrent disorders, fetal alcohol spectrum disorders and understanding adolescent brain development. Consultations with working groups comprised of leading mental health professionals, community service providers, educators and family members ensure that all chapters are current, relevant, practical and easy to understand. Reserve your copy today!