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Healthy Minds Canada offers customized presentations and workshops for workplaces of all sizes.

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Listen to a podcast from Jason Dykstra, Developing Your Craft, as he joins in conversation with Katie Robinette, Executive Director of Healthy Minds Canada, to discuss current trends in mental health within the workplace.

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Why it matters

Why Workplace Mental Health Is Important

How to handle difficult conversations

Difficult Mental Health Conversations

What does this mean for you
Things to remember


Issues in all workplaces

Most common mental health issues


Workplace Mental Health Resources

Feeling Better Now

FeelingBetterNow® offers gold standard comprehensive, anonymous assessments which link immediately to personalized action plans and a robust toolbox for self-management and decision support for mental health care professionals. Help your members, employees, and students regain and retain their sense of wellbeing, increase productivity, and prevent disability.
If you would like to learn more about providing mental health support for your organization, click FeelingBetterNow® to learn more.

Rise Asset Development

Rise is a registered charity that provides training, mentorship and low-interest small business loans to men and women with a history of mental health and addiction challenges.

Brain Health in a Brain Economy

Most new jobs demand cerebral, not manual skills and employee cognition is the foundation and driver of a productive and innovative workplace. Without sound mental health policies, workplaces will fall behind.
The report is a long and very interesting read and offers some very interesting facts.